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Do-It-Yourself Marriages: 7 Possibilities

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. #1 Starter marriage: Couples want to try out marriage for a pre-determined amount of time, without having kids. They sign legal contracts. Before the time is up, they decide whether to split or to renew their marriage or move on to a different kind of marriage.

    #2 Companionship marriage: This is another marriage that is not about children. Couples marry for Please or Register to view links, to have someone to Please or Register to view links with and do other things together. It is not about passion or romance.

    #3 Please or Register to view links marriage: This model of marriage is all about the children. A romantic connection need not be part of the package. Two people commit to raising kids together and providing a great home for them. They promise to stay together only until all of their children become independent. Of course, they can always decide to stay together even after that, but the forever assumption is not part of their marital contract from the start.

    #4 Safety marriage: Some people marry for money. Others marry for Please or Register to view links insurance or for financial security while they pursue their passions or an Please or Register to view links or they marry for some other instrumental reason. Don't get all judgy! It is not gold-digging or exploitation if each spouse gets something out of the arrangement and each explicitly agrees to it from the outset.

    #5 Living alone together marriage: This marriage is for people who say they need their space, and mean it, literally. Each spouse has a place of his or her own. They are committed to the relationship but want a measure of autonomy, too.

    #6 Open marriage: Spouses have other partners but they are not sneaking around. They are practicing "consensual non-monogamy." They want a stable marriage but not a monogamous one. The "consensual" part means they've agreed to it.

    #7 Covenant marriage: Whereas all of the other versions of "the new 'I do'" relax the constraints or assumptions of the prevailing model of marriage, covenant marriage ups the ante. It is only for unions of one man and one woman. The marriages are harder to get into (premarital counseling is a requirement) and harder to get out of (there are few legitimate grounds for Please or Register to view links, and couples who do not meet those criteria but still want to divorce have to wait two years to do so). Three states offer covenant marriages – Louisiana, Arizona, and Arkansas.

    The Awesome Alternative?

    If you Please or Register to view links and believe it is the best life for you even if you did meet someone amazing, or even if you just don't want to be married right now, there is an awesome alternative to all 7 of those types of marriage – single life! Live it fully, joyfully, and unapologetically!
  2. Thanks for sharing :)
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