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Max Conditioning In Just 15 Minutes

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by capslocked, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Running is simple...and great. “But part of its simplicity is that a lot of people who run get into a comfort zone that prevents them from researching other ways to do cardio," says Tim Ayson, I.S.S.A., W.K.C. S.N.C., a strength and conditioning coach and the head trainer at Kettlebellista in Paranaque.

    Try these two circuits for more creative ways to max out your conditioning.

    Workout #1: Bodyweight Circuit-Tripod Overhead

    How To Do It: Accomplish this move within a minute. The remaining time left in that minute will be your rest period (if it takes you 40 seconds to complete, the last 20 should be used for active rest). Repeat the sequence at the start of each new minute. Do for a total of 5 minutes.

    Or you can do it rep-bbased: Complete 50 reps of the exercise. Do 5 reps before switching to the other side.


    Sit on the floor and prop yourself up with your palms flat on the ground, your arms straight, and your feet firmly planted on the floor. Place your right elbow on your right hip. In one motion, straighten your upper body by lifting your arm over your head. That’s one rep. Do five reps, then switch sides.

    Workout #2: Jumping Rope Circuit

    How to Do It: Complete the following circuit for a total of 10 minutes.

    30-50 Two-Feet Jumps with Skipping Rope (Remember to land on the balls of your feet to easily transition from one jump to the other)
    10 Push-ups
    10 Squats
    10 Crunches
  2. Thanks for sharing :)
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