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  1. M

    Google is very bad now

    Since 1 week, the text in google search are very small and only 10 results are shown. other people are also having the same problem ?
  2. P

    excel sheets / google sheet expert

    hello po i need help i need help sa formulas sa google sheet / excel sheet please help i need to split kasi data to different columns kaso magkakauba sila ng length pls help
  3. J

    Help Google Download Path

    Pano po i'change yung download location sa google chrome sa mobile para dun po sya ma'download sa external storage? Matic kasi sya na nada'download dun sa internal storage. Wala nang space yung internal storage ko haha. Salamat po sa makakatulong.
  4. 1

    Help Request Google sheets + custom functions via JavaScript

    Good day nga ka phc. Medyo self explanatory ung title. Asking po ako ng help kung saan mg start. Sa pag aaral ng google docs script. Non programmer po ako. Pero pamilyar aq sa msoffice excel VBA. Medyo mhrap mghnap ng tutorial neto d tulad sa vba na ang daming published na resources. Thanks in...
  5. S

    League of legends facts

    DID YOU KNOW: Master Yi has the Highest Pentakills ever recorded. Veigar has the Highest Ability Power (AP) Possibilities Yasuo is most pick and most played in Top Lane in PH Server Rammus has the Highest Armor and Magic Resist under 60 minutes game (can over 1500 armor) Garen has the...
  6. P

    Help Saan pwedeng mag download ng old version ng google chrome

    ayaw kasi gumana ng VPN ko sa google chrome na bago need ko old version PTPA PLS HELP
  7. K

    Play store alerts!

    Google removes 22 apps from the Play Store that generated fake ad clicks are the following: · Sparkle FlashLight · Snake Attack · Math Solver · ShapeSorter · Tak A Trip · Magnifeye · Join Up · Zombie Killer · Space Rocket · Neon Pong · Just Flashlight · Table Soccer · Cliff Diver · Box Stack ·...
  8. T

    Google voice typing - gboard

    I use GBoard by Google as default Keyboard on my phone. It really helps me while I am driving or if I have to write a long reply to someone. I just press the voice button it starts converting voice into text but the problem is that how you break the line or put a full stop while voice typing? It...
  9. M

    Google chrome saved password !warning!

    Wag kayong magsesave password sa chrome browser. Kung eexplore nyo ang settings ng chrome browser and titingnan nyo passwords. Pwede nila makita ang passwords ng accounts mo na nilog in mo sa chrome browser. *ngayon pwede mona malaman password ng account ng syota mo* Kakakita kolang, sorry...
  10. P

    Tutorial Android App Do not update d@tâllÿ version 1.8

    Nawala yung pang balance ng data kaya mag rollback ako sa old. Version 1.7 yung huling may pang balance.
  11. F

    Tutorial Request Igoogle mo

    alright nabura ko kasi yung una kong tinype, edit ko na lang ulit para mas malinaw. summary: -parang balewala naman na may section pa about soft dev/prog/coding kung reply lang ng karamihan e igoogle/iyôutubê mo -di ako prô spoonfeed, pero aware ako na may ibang hirap magresearch at may ibang...
  12. P

    Help Dns

    dhcp-option DNS dhcp-option DNS dhcp-option DNS dhcp-option DNS dhcp-option DNS dhcp-option DNS sorry pero ano mas effective sa inyo for downloading sana *na try ko na sila* pero need ko parin ng suggestion
  13. B

    External account integration

    Google Integration seems to be not working, Not sure if this is a known bug. but apparently on my end it's not opening any new tabs/windows not like with facebook.
  14. M

    Trivia Google collects location data even if you turn off location!

    Source: Rappler Location data may still be collected via Google Maps and search even if a user has turned off a setting labeled 'Location History' MANILA, Philippines – An Associated Press report exposed a sneaky Google practice where the search giant continues to collect a user's location...
  15. M

    Tutorial Help: transaction cannot be completed error!

    Pahelp naman po. Baka may nakakaalam ng solusyon dyan.
  16. B

    Sun hpi Sun tu50 and up, working hpi good for 1 month - bluesharkboy_05

    Download niyo muna ang http proxy injector http://a-dev1412.github.io/A-Dev1412_HPI_1.0.1.7_Setup.zip tas ang password ay a-dev1412 Sun tu50 and up (yôutubê based), working hpi good for 1 month 30 servers, pambawi sa old update (alam niyo na po ang bawal- so iwasan para hindi ulit magkaerror...
  17. F

    Help No connection to yôutubê, google, google maps

    Hi, i have 4-5 days no more connection to all websites of google. only gmail is working. all other websites are no problems. when i tunnel my ip with psiphon all its ok. hope someone can help me. salamad
  18. A

    Help Paturo po kung paano gumawa ng sariling softether server sa mga vps like linode or google

    Mga master, paturo po kung paano gumawa ng sariling server sa mga VPS. Step by step procedure po sana kung pwede. Gusto ko po gumawa para di na ako umasa sa mga gawa ng ibang member dito. PM nalang po kung hindi pwedeng i-public. Maraming salamat po.
  19. I

    Naka update ba google chrome niyo?

    Paalala po hindi kumakagat ang Latest Google Chrome Using Skyvpn (Mod DNS)
  20. P

    Tutorial Google calendar sharing private event without realizing it?heres how to fix it..pasok ka.

    TIPS & TUTORIALS Everybody uses Google Calendar (well, most people), and it's a tool many of us probably rely on every day to manage our lives, our work, and all the things we'd forget if our phones didn't remind us to do them. Google Calendar has, then, also become a repository of highly...
  21. M

    Tutorial Meaning of signal indicator (dagdag kaalaman)

    E (EDGE) E stands for Edge, Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution. It is pre 3G technology and again, more likely to occur when you are in a weak signal area. You may not be able to effectively browse the internet on your device, when getting this signal. 3G (Third Generation) 3G is the third...
  22. A

    Help Google cloud to softether.

    mga koys, patulong naman paano gumawa ng instances for SoftEther. Im Using Google Cloud Platform. Thanks in Advanced!
  23. K

    Help Guys help please..!

    Anyare po kay google bat ayaw gumana sa payload?? Tsaka pag gumagamit naman ako ng ibang payooads.. ambilis maubos ng mb niya sa sim ko bakit ganun?? Need info sa may alam mga paps ty!
  24. J

    Globe & TM Google is back !!!

    Pwede na pala gamitin ulit ang google payload ...salamat , sana hindi na 10mb... Sana balik na sa Normal...
  25. B

    How to get google assistant on android 6.0.1

    Hello po, pwede po ba magamit ang google assistant on 6.0.1 thank you po
  26. G

    Globe & TM Google base payloads ok nah

    Google base payloads ok nah As of 4:30 am maintain yung loading nang yôutubê ko gamit ko lang ay supremo vpn Kasi madali lang palit palitan nang payloads
  27. D

    Nakakapasok parin ang google based. ito trick

    Yan lang ang trick balik google based.
  28. K

    Help Google play purchase

    Mga lodi baka may trick kayo na alam pano mag purchase kay google play ng mura. Pa share naman ng alam nyu. Salamat TIA
  29. C

    Help Transaction cannot be completed

    sino po my alam pano ayusin to ...maski palitan ko google account "transaction cannot be completed" parin nakalagay
  30. P

    Tutorial Android App Google authenticator app(2 step tutorials)prevent account from häçkers

    Keeping your data safe has never been so important. Every time we find a loop, we try to exploit. Now its time for counter measures. Today i will take you through a complete guide to secure your Google account and other credentials by using Google Authenticator app to login to your google...
  31. I

    Google play store gift card

    Paano po maredeem yung $10 GPC? Any tested suggestions? Halos ginawa ko na din kasi lahat ng tutorials kaso mukhang palpak. Nanghihinayang kasi ako kung hindi magagamit. PS. Pasensya na din mga boss kung mali yung section na napasukan, hindi ko alam kung saan e. Hahaha!
  32. G

    Android App Google.earth.v9.2.10.2-p2p

    This is the new Google Earth. Fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in stunning 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, which brings you one-of-a-kind experiences from Sesame Street, BBC...
  33. M

    Sun Smart & TNT Globe & TM Google proxy servers 100% uptime (us)

    proxy: port: 3128 Sana Makatulong:)
  34. P

    Globe ehi Switch ehi

    7 days mga boss :) feedback na lang hehe
  35. K

    Tutorial Google's property

    business.globe.com.ph - use this on Globe Switch App directory.google.com asia.google.com d.google.com tv.google.com archive.google.com landing.google.com download.google.com www4.google.com d.google.com w.google.com ap.google.com wave2.google.com labs1.google.com email.google.com...
  36. A

    Help About google account

    Patulong naman about dyan dapat hintayin kolang ba? Nasakin naman phone recovery dyan pdin ako napunta tsaka nakalogin sya dito sa tablet nakalimutan kolang password ko.
  37. C

    Help Masters help ! google chrome and windows 8.1

    may pirated ako windows 8.1 os ngayon prob ko yung mga latest update ng google chrome di ata compatible ..... help naman ..
  38. H

    Google scholar unusual traffic

    Magssearch sana ako sa google scholar, pero nung pinuntahan ko na yung site, eto lumabas. Anyway, I'm using HPI. Hindi ko alam kung may kinalaman ba yung connection ko through HTTP kaya to lumalabas. Patulong naman kung anong pwedeng gawin. Thanks po!
  39. D

    Update: trïânglê is now d@tâllÿ

    d@tâllÿ: mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google https://www.dominikin.com/file/d@tâllÿ-mobile-data-saving-wifi-app-by-google Data doesn’t have to be confusing, hard to control, or expensive. Saving mobile data is easy with d@tâllÿ, a smart new app by Google. It’s a mobile data manager that...
  40. D

    Google's product sans font

  41. S

    Net boosting apn

    Like at Feedback lang Okay na. *Para lang to sa mga Google Payloads* Proxy: Port: 80
  42. S


    need free internet No internet needed to open it unlimited data for smart
  43. K

    Lifetime google ssh server just for you!!!

    Disclaimer/Contents: Lifetime-meaning pag-naubos na ang $300 na bigay ni Google, deads na siya. wala kasi akong pera. Pero wag kayung mag-alala $25/month ang kinuha kung VPS kaya aabot pa yan ng 1 year. OpenRP-for-GoogleVPS.hnh- config yan para sa HTTP Net Header v4.1. pwede nyu palitan ng...
  44. O

    How to create a wifi network, step by step:credits kay google.

    Step 1: Make a Plan According to a tip sheet released by the Wi-Fi Alliance, the first thing you need is a plan. Start by determining what kind of devices, and how many, you’d like to connect to your wireless network. For most users, this is a combination of desktops, laptops, and at least one...
  45. K

    Fresh google cloud ssh server! bagong luto pa yan, umousok pah.

    Wag na natin patagalin pah. Subokan nyo na habang mainit pa. Use GS. UPDATE: 11-12-2017 Gumawa ako ng bagong Google SSH server para bumilis ng kunti. Madami kasi nakainstall na services yung nakaraan kaya nag-aagawan sa bandwidth. :)...
  46. E

    135 google domains or payload nakalkal ko din (wala ng intro pasok)

    MAGSAWA KAYO SA KAPIPILI ... Wag na IKALAT sa FB para PHC lang makinabang :) PLEASE LANG PO .... Base sa DIR ni Google ito lahat ng domain na lumabas sa generator ... NOTE: Hindi lahat stable kaya piliin nyo nalang ung the best para sa CONFIG NYO . 135 DOMAIN NI GOOGLE : abc.xyz...
  47. M

    Paturo po ng promo sa talk and text

    ano po promo sa talk and.text.na.1gb. paturo po thanks
  48. G

    Google based payload for globe and tm

    Hindi ko alam kung working pa yan nahanap ko lang yan hehehe. hindi po akin yan. Payload for Globe and TM business.globe.com.ph - use this on Globe Switch App directory.google.com asia.google.com d.google.com tv.google.com archive.google.com landing.google.com download.google.com...
  49. M

    New google payload lists (10/27/2017)

    After 3 to 5 months ako nag AFK sa PHC. Ngayon ko lng nalaman na working pa pla yung mga google payloads. Hahahahaha. Hindi ko lng alam kung saan ito iinject sa .ehi ba?? feedback nlang sa tanong ko... feedburner.google.com alt8-mtalk.google.com sb-ssl.google.com consent.google.com...
  50. B

    Working google payload for hpi & ehi. globe switch tested.

    Gumagana siya as of October 16, 2017, 3pm: