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Who will be your 2016 President?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kjmj14, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. kjmj14

    kjmj14 Honorary Poster Established

    Sino ang presidente mo sa darating na 2016 election at bakit? :)
  2. duterte para sa tunay na pag babago tungo sa kaunlaran ng ating mahal na bayan..
  3. BeChay

    BeChay Eternal Poster Established

  4. st3a7th

    st3a7th Honorary Poster Established

    para mabawasan na ang mga kriminal sa pilipinas...lalo na sa mga nakaupong corrupt na politiko sa local government
  5. tomadorako

    tomadorako Addict Established

  6. ron13315

    ron13315 Grasshopper Established

    Miriam.. 100% sure.
  7. ..............................duterte..
  8. anokamo

    anokamo Eternal Poster Established

    Magduduterte yata ako.
  9. we need brave president to clean all bugs living in our country.... #duterte
  10. BeChay

    BeChay Eternal Poster Established

    chenxie anu ba du30 o miriam :hilarious:
  11. duterte..dapat.. we need brave heart..leader...
  12. BeChay

    BeChay Eternal Poster Established

    balimbing ka chenxie unang sagot mo miriam ngayon digong ka na :hilarious:
  13. kjmj14

    kjmj14 Honorary Poster Established

    #DURIAM forever, here....ahaha.... Anyone with me...? :smug::X3:
  14. si duterte gwapo yan e parang si carrot man.. si binay para din siyang kurakot man.. hahah
    kjmj14 likes this.
  15. kjmj14

    kjmj14 Honorary Poster Established

    Astig ng banat words mo! Ahahaha!!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  16. BeChay

    BeChay Eternal Poster Established

    balimbing yan si chenzie :LOL:
  17. diehard duterte bisaya kaya ako

    ducay...durian ug langkay
  18. ron13315

    ron13315 Grasshopper Established

    MIRIAM parin ako....

    "Kumander Bob explained to the mayor that one of the rebels, who fell asleep, accidentally released the detonator when he was awakened by noises when the police passed by."

    "Duterte pointed out that it was enough for him that the NPA admitted lapses. “At least it was an admirable thing that they accepted responsibility. That itself is fine with me,” he said."

    Basically, Duterte didn't punish the person carrying an ïllêgâl grenade and almost killing two police officers and a civilian.

    If your loved one was one of the victims, how would you feel?

    Basically, my point is that innocent civilians were injured by a grenade lobbing NPA and that Duterte is ok with that since the NPA leader (not the perpetrator!) gave a public apology.

    If it was an ordinary civilian who did this, he would have been put in jail. "Davao Death Squad"

    I'm not twisting anything. These are undeniable facts.

    Eto po yung link sa news.
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  19. Duriam ako :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
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