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Trivia Pokemon go

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by reyquimer, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Pokemon Go is a global phenomenon. No mobile game has ever reached the hype of this game. Let’s see some amazing statistics in order to give you some perspective!

    1.Nintendo's market value increases 9 billion dollars just 5 days after the release of Pokemon Go.

    2. This marks the single biggest jump in the company's fortunes since the 1980s, and for a moment, even helped Nintendo surpass rival Sony in value.

    3. The Pokemon Company, which partnered with developer Niantic, to make the game – which caused a subsequent slump of around $6.4 billion earlier this week, its single biggest one day decline since 1990.

    4. The number of daily active users of Pokemon GO in the US, as estimated by SurveyMonkey is 21,000,000.

    5. The total number of players is unknown, but with global Android downloads in the region of 50 – 100 million according to Google's Play Store, the number could easily be over 200 million, when iPhone players are taken into account. For some perspective, the last Pokemon games on 3DS, X and Y, sold 12 million between them.

    6. The highest number of CP (combat points) a Pokemon can attain, according to data obtained by Gamespressis 4,144.

    7. Maxwell's Bar and Grill in Covent Garden, London has seen an increase of 26% by embracing Pokemon Go.

    8. American Reddit user ftb_hodor has managed to fillout his Pokedex with every single monster roaming North America currently, 142 pokemons!

    9. During the process, he walked 95 miles with the app open on his phone, hatched 303 eggs and caught 4,269 wild Pokemon to complete his collection.

    10. The largest number of GO players convening at one meet up so far is 9.000 and it happened at San Franscisco.

    11. So far, August 2016, 197.000 themed- up Pokemon playlists have appeared on Spotify.

    12. So far, August 2016, 7/10 players who have downloaded Pokemon Go retrun to it daily!

    13. In Japan 3.000 Mc Donald's have been turned into sponsored Pokemon Go Gyms.

    14. According to DMR stats, 40% of Pokemon Go users that spent money init have not spent money in any other game.

    15. According again to DMR stats, 60% of Pokemon Go users are male.

    Pokemon Go has taken over the entire world including the Philippines after the popular mobile game became available in the country on August 6. But if you think that the only Filipinos currently addicted to the game are ordinary folks like you and me, then you better think again.

    New Pokemon Go players may find their gameplay grinding to a halt early on when they begin running dangerously low on items. The game gives you a certain amount of Poke Balls, eggs, coins and incense as progress is made, but once you run out, it's up to you to keep your inventory stocked. Where do you go to do this?

    The main place you'll want to head is one of the game's many Poke Stops, the real-life locations in your area which will give you items upon visiting. They will typically be parks, shopping malls, churches, and basically any sort of tourist attraction.

    Once you've located a Poke Stop, simply spin the icon on your phone and several items will spit out, hopefully including whatever you were looking for.

    For some players in small towns, though, there may not be quite as many stops as you'd like. Until Niantic adds some more, there are a few options to get items without visiting Poke Stops.

    If it's Poke Balls you're looking for, keep in mind that you will get some more when your character levels up, typically 10 or 15 of them per level.

    You could also head over to the game's shop, where you can get additional items in exchange for coins. These coins can be acquired through gameplay, namely by conquering a gym. Place one of your Pokemon outside a gym that has been conquered for your Pokemon Go team (Instinct, Mystic or Valor). Then, you can head to the shop once a day, click the shield icon, and receive 10 coins as a reward for keeping that gym defended. That bonus starts
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