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Trivia How To Know If A Guy Likes You Without Asking

Discussion in 'Love' started by Yours, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. How To Know If A Guy Likes You Without Asking

    [FONT=Open Sans, serif]1.[/FONT] 1. He Looks At You For A Couple Of Seconds

    May be you will think that with such a little time like that, how you know that he likes you. However, it is the oldest clue, when it comes to learning how to know if a guy likes you, which can affirm that he likes you. Because he feels embarrassed when you catch his look. Normally, even the bravest guy always feels embarrassed and behaves strangely in front of his dream girl.
    2. He Feels Nervous When Close To You

    How to know if a guy likes you more than a friend? If you don’t believe in his quickly look, then focus on his actions and behaviors. You will know he likes you when you see his clumsy actions especially whenever you are close to him. If he feels a little bit nervous that is the signal of rapid heart beating. You should find some chances to get close to him or Please or Register to view links with him to see all these signs clearly.

    3. Listen To His Friends

    When you fall in love with someone, it can’t be hidden. If you hear some teasing from his friends to him and you are around them, it tends to be heavier and heavier, you should notice that. May be he just mentioned your name in their conversation or they found he look dreamingly to your direction. One thing you can believe from that signs, he fancies at you.
    4. He Remembers Every Word You Say

    “How to know if a guy likes youhandbook show me one thing which is so adorable. If he remember every words you say, it means that he likes you. On one beautiful day, you talk to him and you say that you don’t like roses, you like lotus and on your birthday, you receive a bunch of lotus. You can know for sure that bunch of lotus come from him. You talk to him that you hate Coca-Cola and from now on you don’t see he drink coca cola anymore. I bet that it is because he likes you.

    5. He Gives You Treatment Which Is Different To Everyone Else
    You may see he helped another girl before, but you never see him so nervous and worried when you get a bad cold. It is not a severe disease but he still want to take you to hospital. When you refuse and calm him nerves, he run as fast as possible to the pharmacy and buy a box of medicine. In that situation, I advice you should believe that Please or Register to view links.

    6. He Gives You Compliments More Often

    No matter how tall you are and what your weight is, in his eyes you are the most beautiful girl. You shinning like a star and nothing can dim your beauty. Just pay a little attention, whenever you post a status complaining about your body or your face, he always give you a Please or Register to view links of your beauty in the comment. He doesn’t care about what other people say, in his eyes, you are the queen.
    7. He Tries Many Ways To Get Close To You
    Among many tips on how to know if a guy likes you without asking, this is an ultimate tip. If you found he often appear at the same places with you, congrats, that is one sign to show you his feeling about you. “How to know if a guy likes you handbook said that. If he find excuse to talk to you, that is more obvious. He really cares about you.
    8. He Follows Your Facebook

    Have you ever wondered why he like your pictures or your status so fast. That is because he follow you. He wants to be with you all the time, he wants to know how you are doing, what you are thinking, what you like, what you hate, etc. You found that he even cares about your family member. There is only one reason for this phenomenon, he likes you, he wants to take care of you and take care of whom you care about.
    If a guy shows off 8 signs above, then you might be for sure about the answer of the question: “How to know if a guy likes you”. 100% for sure that he likes you.

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