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Question How to create psiphon configurations

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by officiale, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Am from kenya and I was wondering how I can create my own psiphon settings for Internet, is there a procedure of how to get a working host?
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  2. You should find out what is your ISP's free site and use it as a Host for a psiphon handler to work :)
  3. Now that's where the problem comes :( how will I know a free site? Is is trial and error? :(:(:(
  4. yes. just be imaginative. ;)
  5. To give you an idea, a bug_host = the host on which you get free access
    Since we here don't exactly know what ISP you are accessing in your country. Let's say you are connected to Etisalat, you could try mobile.phcorner.net as your free host - just to give you an idea. FB is one of the most used free site.

    - Name: "Anything"
    - Apn: "Anything" or the one provided to you by your ISP, sample is "etisalat"
    - Remove port : uncheck
    - Proxy Type: Real Host
    - Custom Header: X-Online-Host
    - Proxy Server: mobile.phcorner.net
    - Real Proxy Type: Default
    - Real Proxy Server: phcorner.net
    - Real Proxy Port: 8080
    Under the “Proxy Settings
    - Host Address: phcorner.net , either use here a squid proxy compatible to your ISP
    - Port: 8080

    This is only a sample to give you something to think about. My settings maybe wrong as I'm not using android for net tricks - just for trial tests. Google up articles pertaining to the use of psiphon handlers in your area at present time. It would be a lot easier.

    The best method to learn how net tricks work is to study how to use the application you are going to use and how to set them yourself. There's no shortcut except to start from scratch, find a good source of info similar to a forum like this in your area or maybe talk to the original author of the application and then practice lot about the art and other tricks. Trust me.

    And by the way, if a host trick works for you, then you could also try http injectors simple server or http injector and openvpn connect using custom headers. They all use bughosts. They're readily accessible at the appstore for free. The only problem is how to configure them to work.

    Best of luck amigo!

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  6. Thanks
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