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Hacker Hamza Bendelladj Sentenced to death – Muslims HERO!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by capslocked, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Hacker Hamza Bendelladj Sentenced to death – Muslims HERO!!
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    Aug 30, 2015

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    News of the execution of the Algerian hacker, Hamza Bendeladj, by the US authorities sparked a large controversy on social media, as some activists launched a campaign of support and solidarity “We are all Hamza”, in which they called on the authorities to mediate for saving the life of “Algeria’s genius”, who stunned the world through hâckïng Israeli websites and banks, and offers their funds to the Palestinian people.

    Algerian League for the Human Rights’ Defense wrote to the American Embassy in Algiers, to demand clarification of Save & add newthe legal status of young man Hamza Bendeladj, in light of the news of his execution, while he is imprisoned in America, after he was wanted by INTERPOL for three full years, as he was classified among the most dangerous 10 hackers in the world and who are wanted by the United States, then he was arrested in 2013in Thailand.

    News of his execution sparked sympathy and sorrow for the hacker who became a national hero for Algerian youth, who considered his act as noble, because he wanted to offer more than $ 4 billion, which is equivalent of the budgets of poor countries went to charities in Palestine and in poor African countries, after he hâckêd more than 8,000 French websites and closed them completely.

    He also hâckêd European consulates’ websites and distributed free visas to Algerian youth to travel to Europe.

    A facebooker said that the “hacker” Hamza is the pride of Algeria and the higher authorities should free him from the grip of the Americans, who asked him to help them in maintaining their websites from hâckïng.

    On the other hand, an expert in technologies and media, Ali Kahlan, told Echorouk that the government must appoint lawyers to defend the hacker Hamza Bendeladj, through mediating for him at the highest levels, and hire him in the electronic Algeria.

    “There are many youth like Hamza in Algeria, but they are not exploited, especially the current generation, as very youth control the Internet and new media. America is controlling the Internet and the Third World countries are just users.”

    “I don’t think the death sentence will be applied against the Algerian hacker because he is not a murderer, but he could be sentenced to up to 100 years of imprisonment, because he hâckêd the Pentagon and Israeli websites, which are considered a red line.
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