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Dating Secrets: The 12 Lies All Men Tell

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PurpleFox, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #1:
    “You’re perfect just the way you are. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

    What he really means is that if you lost some weight, got *phcorner* augmentation surgery, and wanted to have *** more, you’d be just perfect.

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #2:
    “You’re right I’m wrong.”

    This is a lie told just to shut you up. They know you’re wrong but it just isn’t worth pursuing. Unlike the ladies, men don’t like to talk (pretty much at all save the occasional grunt) so they give in to the fairer *** to keep things from escalating to the point where they might have to.

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #3:
    “Nothing is wrong I’m fine.”

    Let’s face it, men don’t like to talk about their feelings. And no matter how much cajoling, prompting or prodding you do, they simply won’t respond. Or, they’ll start talking about something entirely different just to derail what they consider to be your version of the inquisition.

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #4:
    “I love watching romantic môviês with you.”

    Not only does he NOT love watching romantic môviês with you, he has a dickens of a time staying awake. Give him a good football or basketball game any day in place of the torture he endures while trying to keep the peace by watching a romantic môviê with you.

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #5:
    “It’s OK to invite your friends over. I like having them around.”

    OK when your friends aren’t picking on him, you are, and doing so in front of your friends. So why in the world would he want them to come over. As he sees it, it’s virtually impossible to watch the game with a gaggle of chattering chicks flocking around.

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #6:
    “I love your family.”

    Do you really believe that he wants to spend time with your family? Not only does he get the third degree, put they find it their duty to pick him apart at every turn. About the last place he wants to be on this planet is at your folks house for a visit or a holiday.

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #7:
    “It’s our money.”

    He really means that it’s his money to spend any way he wants even if the bills don’t get paid. That great new riding lawn mower you couldn’t afford shows up in the garage one day with, “oh ya we can afford it don’t worry,” but when it comes to buying something you want or a romantic night out its, “we really can’t afford that right now. Maybe next month.”

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #8:
    “It’s OK to flirt with other men.”

    First of all you’ll NEVER hear a guy actually say this so put it out of your mind right now. And if you get caught flirting with another guy you can count on that guys face being re-arranged the next time you see him.

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #9:
    “I love you.”

    OK whether you’re married or not, a guys passion response is directly tied to the stimulation his junk receives. In the throws of ecstasy he would say he loved a raccoon if stimulated properly. “I love you” really means, “damn that feels great.”

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #10:
    “You’re not fat.”

    Really? You fell for this one? Seriously, what guy in his right mind would ever tell any woman he’s in a relationship with that she’s fat?

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #11:
    “I work for the CIA.”

    Really? You also fell for this one? Guys know that women date money and bad boys.He knows you get ’em both with this little white lie.

    Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Men #12:
    (The biggest and most common lie told by men)

    No your bôôbs are just the right size.”

    Come on, what guy in his most cherished fantasies doesn’t wish for Dolly Parton size front loaders?

    As you can see on a lie for lie comparison, men and women are totally different. And whether a lie is told to spare feelings, keep the peace, or to just get some alone time, a lie is still a lie – and we all tell them from time to time.
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