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6 *** Hacks Every Flat-Chested Woman Must Know

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by capslocked, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Getting the perfect *** could be a struggle for small-chested women. It’s hard to find a *** that actually fits, and you have to go through years of straps slipping, gaping cups, billowing, and all sorts of struggles just to find the right size and shape.

    So, how can you find the right *** for you? Here are six *** hacks you should know:

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    1. Get yourself fitted every six months.
    I cannot stress enough how important this is. One, there are size discrepancies between brands, and two, are bodies constantly changing (diet, stress, exercise, and hormones affect our *phcorner* size). That’s why you have to get fitted at least twice a year. You might think you’re a 36A, but when properly fitted, you might discover you’re more like a 32C, for instance.

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    2. Try lace and embroidered bras.
    The *** material can make all the difference. Lace and embroidered bras, for instance, could fit tighter than other types of material. So if you find a *** that you love but it’s just too big for your girls, try a similar style with a different fabric.

    You might want to try a heavier lace, as this tends to fit more tightly and provide more support than a thinner or lighter lace.


    3. Do the bôôb scoop!

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    4. Look for silicone strips when going for strapless styles
    Bandeau styles and strapless bras can be a total nightmare for girls with small chests. To make sure it grips properly, choose a strapless *** that has silicone strips around the band. The strips will stick to the skin slightly and won’t likely to slip.

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    5. Try bôôb contouring.
    If you’re tired of wearing push-up bras but still want to show off some cleavage, you can try bôôb contouring. Start off by by brushing bronzer between your bôôbs and around the top in a C-shape. You’re basically outlining the shape of your bôôbs. You can then apply an illuminator or highlighter to the rounds of your bôôbs and on the center for a 3D effect.

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    6. Avoid going braless.
    Contrary to popular belief, A and B cups still need some support. Research has shown that even the smallest amount of movement can cause a decrease in the elasticity of *phcorner* tissue, which then leads to sagging. So while going braless is comfy, don’t do too many jumping jacks while you’re at it.

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    Regardless of your cup size and regardless of the *** type that suits you, wear what you feel great in! Remember that ******** should be fun, not just functional.
  2. Thanks for sharing :)
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