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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by capslocked, Sep 6, 2015.

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    As Valentine’s Day slowly approaches, those of us who are single and alone may Please or Register to view links a feeling of dread and loathing. If you find yourself being filled with bitterness and resentment on this special occasion, remember that February 14 is also Singles Awareness Day, a day for loving and appreciating yourself. If you’re feeling down about your singlehood, here are 5 ways to help you embrace it.

    1. Remember that being single goes beyond being alone.
    Those of us who are romantics at heart are often crippled by the desire to meet someone and start a life together. That will eventually happen; you just have to be strong and patient. As they say, good things come to those who wait, so instead of seeing your singlehood as just a stopover until your next relationship, think of it as a great destination that allows you the freedom and the time to do the things you want without being hindered by anything or anyone.

    2. Stop caring about what other people say.
    There’s nothing wrong with being single and you know it, but other people’s opinions have a way of bringing you down and making you wonder if there’s something wrong with you. There isn’t. Taking what others have to say as the truth is toxic, and you shouldn’t let yourself get depressed because of them. Start actively ignoring others’ opinions, especially those of people you don’t even like or aren’t close to you. Why waste time on them when their opinions don’t even carry any weight?

    3. Rediscover yourself.
    Do you know how to hang out with yourself? If you’re coming out of a long-term relationship, you might find yourself feeling awkward doing things you’ve established as activities you do with your partner. Perhaps you don’t remember how to be alone anymore. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with going out and doing things by yourself. Appreciate your independence and make time for new hobbies. You are often your best companion.

    4. Date and see other people.
    ‘Single’ doesn’t have to mean ‘lonely,’ and it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have some fun meeting new people. Since you are single, you can capitalize on that and start dating if you’re ready. Sometimes we feel like we want to be in a relationship because we want companionship or because other people are doing it. You can get to know yourself through the people you date and slowly realize what you want in a relationship. Maybe you’ll even discover that being single is really just for you.

    5. Respect yourself.
    Being in a relationship can blind you to your own needs as you make your partner the center of your world, so much so that you eventually lose your sense of self. Take this opportunity to stop doing things for other people and start doing things for yourself. Learn to love yourself, and you will immediately see the change. Independence and strength are great qualities. A little positivity can take you a long way, and your self-respect is your strongest weapon as you explore the world
  2. tigilan muna nga kakaTAG jean wag mo ko idamay dyan..i don't have any problem being single :p
  3. gulat kapa ee alam ko naman ikaw ung nagppost :cautious:
  4. nag ng alin????
  5. friendly advice yan parpol (n)
  6. nakooo parpol..namimiss mo lang ako kaya ka ganyan..pwede mo naman ako ipm kung namimiss mo ko..hindi yung gagawa ka pa ng chismis para lang makausap ako...:shifty: tulog mode ulet :p
  7. hay nako..alam kong ikaw gumagamit ng account ni caps iba nalang lokohin mo wag ako :wtf:
  8. ha??? ay ewan ko sayo..di ko alam sinasabi mo...sige mag i love you kana sa akin..di ako magagalit :p
  9. doon kayo mag LQ sa thread mo jean:love:
  10. caps..sorry ..si parpol kasi maglalambing lang gusto pa nya may nakaka alam na iba... :shy:
  11. Thanks for sharing :)
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