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[CUSTOM ROM]-MYPHONE A818 DUO-(Upgrade to 4.2.1)

Discussion in 'Android Firmware & ROMs' started by Prince2013, May 22, 2013.

  1. Prince2013

    Prince2013 Addict

    Best Answers:
    Warning:This Rom Nor Me will not be responsible to any damage to your Device.... Make Sure To Backup First before you flash this Rom...This rom is running good on me...

    Here we go... :D

    Galaxybean Sound Trip Mode VII (v18,v13) (Powered by AC!D Audio 7 credits to Rikfoot,knight 47)

    What's Inside:
    99.9% Galaxy Style
    25% Jellybean Style
    Upgraded To Jellybean 4.2.1
    CRT Animation
    Edited icons To Touchwiz Style
    Touchwiz UX launcher
    Touchwiz edited Framework
    Touchwiz Status Bar (Yconne and I Jellybean style with Touchwiz Icons)
    Darkbreed Keyboard , Perfect Keyboard Pro
    Dolby w/ AC!D Audio GB 7
    Edited AC!D Icon :D
    Apollo Music Player
    Touchwiz MMS (Steven and I)
    Wireless FM Radio
    Chainfire 3D Added
    Touchwiz Taskmanager
    MTk-cpu control
    Solid Explorer Full
    Ubuntu Clock Widget
    Holo Locker
    Easy Touch
    SIII Bootanimation
    New Samsung wallpapers Added (SIV Wallpapers)
    SIII Live Wallpaper
    Jellybean wallpapers
    Jellybean Live Wallpaper
    Changed System background (Black and Blue)
    Added Apps!!
    Changed Font to Choco Cookie
    Fixed Font Color on Buttons
    Added Digital Clock
    Faster GUI
    Changed Battery Icon
    And More!!!

    Tweaks: (Re-Tweaked To Remove Lags)
    Init.d tweaks
    Build.prop tweaks (credits to Jp Garmay)
    Swap Support
    100% V6 Supercharged
    Adrenaline Boost
    PMR Tweaks
    Slaidy Boost Added
    EXT 3 Support Added
    EXT4 Support Added

    Download Link: Please or Register to view links
    Download Link (Edited By Dan Ralph) (Batt Icon) : Please or Register to view links
    mediafire link (Edited By Dan Ralph) (Batt Icon) : Please or Register to view links

    "dont worry ala changes sa rom na inedit ko bat icon lang talaga" by dan ralph

    Installation:For CWM users
    1.wipe Data/factory reset
    2.wipe dalvik cache (advance tab)
    3.format system (mount and storage)
    4.wipe cache partition
    5.now install zip from sd card (hanapin ung rom)

    For COT users
    1.Pre-Flash Wipe
    2.Wipe Dalvik Cache (Partion Management)
    3.Install ROM (ZIP FLASHING)

    Bugs: Paki Discover nlang... At paki comment nlang po agad sa Comment Box

    Ang Aking Tried Games: Temple Run 2,Temple Run OZ,Modern Combat Sandstorm,Dead Space,Tap Tap Revenge 4,Mass Effect, and madami pa....


    credits : Please or Register to view links & Dan

    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links

    SALAMAT SA MGA FEEDBACK! SUPPORT MY FORUM CHECK IT " Please or Register to view links"
  2. jamly30

    jamly30 Leecher

    Best Answers:
    salamat tol ..salamat talaga nang marami ..
  3. darkjlc

    darkjlc Leecher

    Best Answers:
    pre sn s tatlo ang ilagay s sd?? tatlo lhat?
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  4. Prince2013

    Prince2013 Addict

    Best Answers:
    pick one,. . . . .
    parehas nmn sila ,batt icon lnq binagu . . . . .
    ryanmars likes this.
  5. john Michael Bartolome

    john Michael Bartolome Leecher

    Best Answers:
    Astig!!!! SAlamat po Koya!! Maupgrade ko na si Myphone a818!.
    ryanmars likes this.
  6. Prince2013

    Prince2013 Addict

    Best Answers:
    WC :jump:
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  7. darkjlc

    darkjlc Leecher

    Best Answers:
    Pre Installation aborted.. bt gnon
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  8. schemes

    schemes Addict

    Best Answers:
    Upgraded To Jellybean 4.2.1?
    is it for real? :eek: can you provide screenshot sa About Phone mo boss?​
    Thanks :)
    ryanmars likes this.
  9. Prince2013

    Prince2013 Addict

    Best Answers:
    ryanmars, ly-or and mae belle flores like this.
  10. darkjlc

    darkjlc Leecher

    Best Answers:
    ewan ko... pwd gumawa k ng video boss.. or screenshot.. plzz
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