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  1. A

    Tools Cheat A new pc cheat zinc 2.0 + premium cheat for ros october 31, 2018

    TUTORIAL: -DRAG ALL FILE TO DESkTOP OR EXTRACT FILE FROM RAR! CANNOT OPEN CheaT ON WINRAR! -TURN OFF/Disabled all Antivirus, windows defender and anymore -Drag ALL FILE on destop -Open Cheat CCMINI -> use RIGHT CLICK - Run As Administrator! -Be careful speed, water walk, Aimbot = easly...
  2. A

    Tutorial Cheat Ros no update needed cheat cuprum 2.0 + exiled (18.4) + vip hax4u 8.5 october 13, 2018

    NEW: no update needed for this day tutorial: -DRAG ALL FILE TO DESkTOP OR EXTRACT FILE FROM RAR! CANNOT OPEN CheaT ON WINRAR! -TURN OFF/Disabled all Antivirus, windows defender and anymore -Drag ALL FILE on destop -Open Cheat CCMINI -> use RIGHT CLICK - Run As Administrator! -Be...
  3. E

    Help Need help po gpp lte activation

    Need help po mga sir. Nagupdate po ako ng iccid ng iphone ko using the new iccid 89014104277806049536 Nung nrestart ko na po nag activation sya tapos sim not valid na Tnry ko na restart then use a working wifi to activate ayaw pa din. Also tried emergency call then *5005* then selected us...
  4. K

    Globe & TM VPN Skyvpn version 1.5.44

    ayun na update ko na sa wakas. Thnk you nga pala kay kuys Chann83.:)
  5. C

    Ros ultimate (april 24, 2018) esp + new (no lag,invisible,world h4ck, clear weather) + anti report

  6. I

    Tm/globe promo

    Yo, tagal ko din nakabalik sa Phcorner at di nako update so what's new po? -May update ba about kay GS or new bugs? -Anong maganda Promo ngayon either sa TM and globe at hanggang saan limit nya? -Apn Thanks in advance
  7. P

    Cheat Ros cheat always updated.

    Tutorial Serin CitD3D -Open Ros First -In Lobby - Open Cit Serin CitD3D.exe -Notice Press OK -Waiting/Loading cheat -Display Cheat -> Click Open Cheats | Re-Open Cheats (don't close) If cit Menu Freeze = Re-Open Cheat! and if end game/exit game click close cheats | End cheats 3/24/18 Download...
  8. X

    Globe & TM ehi Fast and working ehi update with speedtest proof

    Singapore server update for the KX file series. Good for gaming, downloading, watching, and surfing. Check speedtest, download the attached file, and give your feedbacks below. Thank you, enjoy!
  9. J

    Tutorial Globe & TM 5 php per day using injector no capping unlimited data pasok na!

    Abangan nyo mamaya guys.... open for all po to hindi po ako mangloloko legit po to promise abangan nyo po mamaya any area po to!!!
  10. R

    Cheat March 5, 2018 ros cheat (not valin)

    UPDATE UNDETECTED CHEAT March 5, 2018 go to :wp.me/P9IuiC-2 How to use 1. Turn Off Anti Virus 2. Extract the File 3. Open Rules of Survival 4. Open ROS External häçk by KkK1337.exe 5. Press F1 for the menu 6. or you may read, “Readme”
  11. J

    Globe/tm updated ehi & hpi ultra fast config!!! 1000% fresh from the bath...

    Ehi & Hpi Config update (Created: 2/5/218 - 1am) Hpi File 2-UK: Hpi File 2-USA: Http Proxy Injector Setup Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hzhx1u4ss4guwbn/A-Dev1412_HPI_1.0.1.7_Setup.exe Setup Password: a-dev1412 =No load Ehi Config= Ehi File 1: Ehi File 2: Http Injector App Link...
  12. J

    Gtm singapore hpi/ehi 1 month updated

    USE Globe switch or promo ====NEW CONFIG==== **Fast Connect Singapore** Ehi File: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/cba34218 Hpi File: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/3903fe04 Hit Like Button :)
  13. R

    New ehi 1month

    1st time try nyo baka pwede din sainyo try to be polite thankyou lang ok na -rhen-
  14. I

    France premium plus singapore server pasok na bilis habang di pa bumabaha.

    France premium server+Singapore Status 200 Gtm tested Try sa ibang network Use gswitch and promo if ayaw kumonnect Good for: ✅Surfing ✅strêâmïng ✅download ✅p*rn And anything else... Feedback muna bago sumibat para parepareho tayo umasenso.. -Ivarra- Long live PHC
  15. S

    Downloading ba ?uploading? or plain browsing ? pwes pasok ka dito..

    bagong update mga ka PH. here free visit: https://www.phcorner.net/t/gtm-always-updating-heto-na-7days.410558/#post-6252752
  16. J

    Postern config updated please...

    at dahil leecher palang po ako, sana po may good samaritan na mag donate ng working na prx kahit pang ngayong gabi lang po.. salamat..
  17. V

    ♦♣♦[updated]♦♣♦official no load ehi globe/tm⚡⚡✨

    This is an official thread for those who said that my "no load" ehi works and are asking for more. If you are new to this, you might as well try it if it really works. ✴✴✴✴✴✴naa✴NOTE✴ This ehi only works with selected users in selected areas. Leave your feedback if working or not to further...
  18. Z

    Nag update na injector ko .

    Sa inyo nag update na ba ? sakin bago lng nag update
  19. R

    7-10-17 sscap fast and reliable new configs. low ping 63ms for leechers and established members

    July10 ,2017 SScap fast and reliable new configs. Low ping 63ms For Leechers and Established Members Leechers Pag active kayo mag post kagaya ng mga masters dito sa PHC. magiging Established member din kayo! hehehe Share lang ng share ng info, configs, tutorials and iwasan ang mang-hit and run...
  20. T

    Fre3dom 1.7.4 apk

    Free In-app purchases. Buy premium features without any cost. Bawal nga lang sa CoC and for rooted phones lang. palike naman libre lang naman hahaha. Thanks
  21. M

    Updated mc psiphon v2

    What's New? •Fixed MC Generator •Added IP Hunter •Added ZyberGraph •Added IP Address •Improved Connection Download Link Here: http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/Q5WSROrt/file.html
  22. J

    Binuhay ko ang mga katay kong mga gamit

    Updated All thread is ALIVE - [Supported EHI] https://www.phcorner.net/t/lowpinginsane-ehi-good-for-online-games-w-proof-ml-coc-player-pasokjoren007.296104/#post-4011035 - [Updated Prx Config] "Animastern Special APK"...
  23. G

    Sharlan ehi

    BUNSO v1.1 EHI (SHARLAN) updated: March 23, 2017 >>>sa mga nakagamit last time ng ehi ko alam nyo na speed neto :) NEED PROMO (try nyo na din kapag wala) GLOBE - SULITXT15 TM - SULITXT5 & COC5 GOOD FOR 5DAYS of: / Browsing / Downloading (wag torrent) / Online Games / strêâmïng TRIED AND...
  24. K

    ⭐updated! sun mms [ fast internet™ ] enter now❗

    [ SUN MMS APN ] Speedtest result❗ Using custom (DNS) DNS1- DNS2- > DOWNLOAD LINK < https://www.datafilehost.com/d/430507f0 < MIRROR LINK > https://www.datafilehost.com/d/c657fb46 ◾ iOpen SSH for all! ◾ ✴ DOWNLOAD LINK ✴ https://www.datafilehost.com/d/6608192f Feedback & Like...
  25. K

    Sun mms [ fast-net ] with screenshot!

    SIMPLE PAYLOAD IS FAST! First speedtest result! Using custom (DNS) : (DNS)1- (DNS)2- Aftet one hour- Second speedtest result! Using custom (DNS) : (DNS)1- (DNS)2- [ EHI ] Download link https://www.datafilehost.com/d/7e871545 (OPEN FOR) ⭐...
  26. C

    Update for default

    FOR GLOBE TM ONLY DEFAULT APN NO NEED PROMOLOAD NO NEED CDC TRICKS NO NEED IP HUNT ito po link ng apk developed by:CDCE Download Here: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/208cb0f5
  27. R

    Ehi files updated!!

    UPDATED EHI FILES FOR SUN ONLY since maraming sun users. FREE SUN http://phc.onl/#forbidden#/qy7d5D FREE SUN 2 http://phc.onl/#forbidden#/qy7fQt FREE SUN 3 http://phc.onl/#forbidden#/qy7fAL TRY niyo Connected yan! Dont Forget to LIKE AND say thanks! Sabihin niyo rin kung mabagal ba o malakas at saan area niyo. sa area kasi ang...
  28. K

    Premium ehi

    MGA Globa at tm USERS JAN KAWAY KAWAY ETO UPDATED EHI'S NANAMAN - USE default aPN - OPEN FOR WIFI - OPEN FOR ROOTED DEVICES - NO BUFF SA ÿôutubê - ⚡HIGH SPEED - GOOD FOR ONLINE GAMES - DATE EXPIRED: Naka set na Usa server Dec27 https://www.datafilehost.com/d/c3fc1e06 Singapore Dec 28...
  29. E

    Premium ssh globe/tm default no load needed (weekly update)

    GLOBE/TM default apn,, no load,, cdc tricks lang,, pili na kayo jan mga ka PHC!!! updated 12-17-16 premium ssh SG server (expiration date: 12-24-16) https://www.dropbox.com/s/k1n6w77mr1rpjo2/entryb0y.SG.hpi?dl=0 premium ssh JAPAN server (expiration date: 12-24-16)...
  30. V

    Premium sg server ! hpi+ehi config . sino may gusto? pasok lang

    Hi/Hello mga ka-PHC Eto na yung update ng configs ko Wag Hit and Run na parang Ninja More Like,Comments,Feedbacks and Download. Okay na ! Para hindi tamadin mag update Enjoy :) ⭐️Premium SG Server Hpi (7 Days) https://www.datafilehost.com/d/5fabe23f ⭐️Premium SG Server Ehi (3 Days)...
  31. D

    Beast!(xp)configs for sun-(w/new p.s inside)▶updated◀

    ☀New XP (configs) For Suncellular (Nov-6-2016)☀ ☀(New Proxy Server Inside)☀ Sniff nyu na bilis!! Hello PHC im here again!!! DanDaDancer ---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+-- Ano bang meron?o_O -Yes, May New Proxy server ng Sun po sa Loob ,Ang Xp na Ibibigay o...
  32. G

    Updated proxy server tnt ktc

    --SHARLAN-PHC KTC--- FOR TNT ONLY sa mga naka KPN TUNNEL dyan try niyo po ito. Download this ktc file https://www.datafilehost.com/d/7925aba7 Tried and Tested: -Tnt data -Pocketwifi Good for: -Browsing -Downloading -Online Games -strêâmïng Expiration: -5 DAYS FROM NOW HIT LIKE and FEEDBACK...
  33. G

    Updated proxy server tnt ehi

    ---SHARLAN-PHC EHI--- FOR TNT ONLY ----NON-ROOTED ONLY--- Download this ehi file https://www.datafilehost.com/d/fa543fa9 Tried and Tested: -Tnt data -Pocketwifi Good for: -Browsing -Downloading -Online Games -strêâmïng Expiration: -5 DAYS FROM NOW FEEDBACK nlang po pasensya...
  34. S

    Updates. CSE Reviewer 2016

    Civil Service exam Reviewer 2015 (complete) Requested by capslocked Link: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/6e3593bb
  35. T

    Gosurf 99

    Mga boss registered kasi ako sa gs99 plus kea36. May other txt offer po ba na pwede ipatong? May nabasa ako dati na add on yung 5pesos lang tapus 1000txts. Applicable po kaya un sa gs99? Salamat sa sasagot!
  36. H

    Free AyosDito Trick

    * This is a globe promo until May 31, 2014 * Can be used to browse on Google Play but not to download * Can be used to Facebook App * Can be used on yôutubê App * Can be used to browse any site * Can be used only once on every Globe sim * Registration expires 30 days from the day it has been...
  37. H

    [Update] (4/25/13) magic sarap kapalit ng bug kung sakaling mawala

    Share ko lang para sa hindi pa nakaka alam. Credit kay Mam Drwang Ok lets starts Make new accesspoint accesspoin name: Magic Ip apn: http.globe.com.ph psa: or www.speedtest.net Host name psa: static-74-209-160-12.lynnwood.netriver.net port: 80 Tested at Opera mobile browser only...
  38. C

    Most Effective bugging Tool - Kaboom v3.0 & v3.3 apk

    Download updated application for bugging to your android phone... mas madali magbug gamit to dahil pwede e.add lahat ng promo... sa mga naghahanap ng combinations hanap kayo dito https://www.phcorner.net/forums/all-about-globe-and-tm-bugging-tricks.168/ happy bugging... other bug tricks...