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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Harmione, May 20, 2016.

  1. In favor or against Death Penalty?

    Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte promised that he will eliminate with the best that he can all crimes especially drugs, murder and rape within the next 6 months. Part of the plan is to pursue Death penalty for worst crime including murder and rape. We all know that CHR is against this. Death by hanging is what the mayor wants for this criminals.

    Kung kayo po ba tatanungin sang-ayun po ba kayo? O hindi? Bakit?
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  2. khloe

    khloe Addict Established

    I am very much in favor of the death penalty. From what i have read, during the time it was implemented medyo bumaba daw ang crime rate. Saka kasi kung pumatay ka ng tao, nang rape ka, nag push ka ng drugs and did other heinous crimes, deserved mo na maparusahan nyan. Wag sabihin ng CHR na against human rights yan. Bakit, yan bang mga criminals na yan hindi ba nila ni-violate ang human right ng mga victims nila? Sobrang epal para sa kin si etta rosales. Masyado bini-baby mga criminals eh :mad:
  3. oo nga khloe kailangan na talaga yang death penalty na yan kasi yung iba hindi na takot sa pulis dahil sa droga.
  4. Favor bakit? Nararapat ng ibalik ang Bitay sa ating bansa ay sa mga pilipinong rapist,drag pusher at iba pa at hindi lang sa mga pilipino pati na ang mga dayuhan sa ating bansa hindi nalang lagi tayo pinoy at pinay ang papatayin dahil may nagawa tayong kasalanan pa narin ang mga dayuhan na mga krimminal sa atin lipunan.
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  5. khloe

    khloe Addict Established

    And i am also in favor of that death by hanging. Ginagawa naman yan dati noon many generations ago. Saka pag nagawa ni digong yan, bibilib na talaga ako na anlakas ng political will nya. Di sya dapat matakot kay God kasi ino-honor nya yung government ng tao. Di ba sabi nya "Ang kay Ceasar ay para kay Ceasar at ang sa Dyos ay para sa Dyos".
  6. Favor din ako para matakot din ang mga criminal.
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  7. For a change iam much favor of death penalty, in my own openion how can this nation experience change when just following the footstep of the previous leadership? Here in my place drugs are very rampant, how can this activity stop? For me if death penalty will be imposed and being sampled to hi-profiled crimenals i think this will be leesen or even eleminated. Thats what change im looking for. If this things happen we can use our gadgets even walking on the streets without worriying of snatchers, in this case our life is not treathend.
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  8. favor ako, mas karumal dumal pa nga ang ginagawa ng mga yan sa mga pinapatay nila. yung iba anak ginagahasa, anak inihampas sa samento, ung iba ni rape na pinatay pa minsan yung ari nilalagyan pa ng kung ano. mas hayop pa sila. noon ko pa hinihintay ibalik yan death penalty na yan.
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  9. sana mangyayari din sa mga anak nang mga chr na yan na marape at mapatay ang mga anak nila nang mga kriminals nang sa ganun sila na mismo ang magudyuk na dapat ibalik na ang death penalty.
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  10. Uy wag naman ganyan epag pray natin na sana walang mangyari sa atin kahit na sa CHR kasi may dahilan din sila kung bakit hindi sila sang ayun sa death penalty. We should respect there decisions :)
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  11. favor basta lang favor lang ako
  12. cptn_n3mo

    cptn_n3mo Addict Established

    Yes! I am in favor... Hindi ka nmn matatakot sa death penalty kung wala kang ginagawang Mali.
  13. I"m here to balance things. Yes, indeed crime rate would decrease. We are thinking about that those people are criminals they do bad things, they kill people and they should be killed as well. Almost Our country are Christians preferrably Roman Catholics. We believe God created humans and He has only the right to take it away. If we are going to look in a big picture those who killed people are considered criminals. If we are going to push through to the death penalty again, we should considered ourselves criminals as well. we are no difference to them. Yes, we want change, we are at rage but do we really wanna put it like this way. Yes, I'm not yet a victim of those people and I don't know how it feels. It's a tough decision for the congress and whatever happens I hope that it will benefit each one of us.

    Note: It's my opinion I hope you respect it as much as I respect yours :)
  14. Oo nga no may tumpak karin kahit na nosebleed nako dito hehe
  15. Kiko14

    Kiko14 Honorary Poster Established

    I'm not a Filipino but I have to say that I simply can't agree with the death penalty. Research and reality shows that it doesn't deter crime. In fact it might even make it worse. The middle ages saw a range of public forms of death penalties in order to 'educate' people but it never worked. Iba ang problema, so kelangan ng ibang solusyon. Why is it that people commit crimes? What are the deeper roots of crime? Drugs for example, I remember walking to Quiapo and saw many children sniffing glue, a Filipino friend told me that it solves their hunger. Lack of money goes to lack of food, lack of food can cause many people do many things to survive. If they're stealing because they're poor, then I'd never support hanging them... What about rape? Maybe there are some nonsensical ideas being fed through the media and popular culture of what love is supposed to be like. If you love me you'd have *** with me, if i love you Im entitled to have *** with you. This is why *** education is so important. My point is that there are deeper roots. A sick plant will always produce sick leaves if the leaves are cut. Get to the roots, and the plant will have a fighting chance. Do we really need band-aid solutions to deep wounds that need stitches?
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  16. Yes.. Okay lang.. Di dapat matakot kasi wla ka namang ginawang mali siguro.. Diba?
  17. :)
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  18. A C E

    A C E Eternal Poster Established

    favor ako but di naman talaga eto ang solusyon pero eto nalang ang naiisip na ipatupad para naman tumini na yang mga ano ....
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