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Paasa - lalake o babae

Discussion in 'Polls & Survey' started by Soul Surfer, Dec 3, 2015.


sino ang tunay na paasa?

  1. babae

    16 vote(s)
  2. lalake

    7 vote(s)
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  1. sa tingin nyo, sino ang tunay na paasa pag dating sa love? lalake nga ba o babae?
  2. Ang babae syempre, kaming mga lalake todo effort manligaw tapos sa bandang huli basted :(. Paasa
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  3. (y) may Point din.
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  4. thanks hostreplicahostreplica . :)

    awww. sadyang nag assume lang naman kayo kaya nyo sinasabi na paasa mga girls. we have our choice na pumili sino sasagutin eh . so di kami (girls) na nagpaasa sa ganung matter .
  5. alam naman namin na dalawa lang kahihinatnan ng panliligaw either basted ka or sasagutin kaso merong iba makikitaan mo na meron kang chance kaso sa bandang huli pala basted pa din
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  6. ate UbeletUbelet . ano sa tingin mo dito?
  7. lalake

    they always do promises then they broke it..
  8. i agree. tsaka mag papaka sweet sila tapos pag na fall kana iiwan kana bigla at maglalaho na. :(
  9. Babae biruin mo maraming pwede manligaw sa babae? kaya niya ba yon sagutin lahat? diba hindi? Edi babae ang paasa. Example: Kung may tatlong manliligaw dalawa doon ang automatic na pinapaasa niya (y)
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  10. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    Lalake, because women only lead men on during the courting period but when they are in a relationship, it's a different story . Men do make promises and plans to women but most of the time, those plans takes forever to become a reality. Men use the line "I promise I will..." when they want something from the relationship, while women do say "I already did..." So who's the "paasa" here?
  11. boys.. boys always court girls as many as they can..and they always says. that "youre my only one" but the real thing is youre one of theyre flings.
  12. hindi naman din sinabi ng babae na manligaw sila samen girls eh . it's your choice . wala naman pilitan don . umasa lang kayo , alam naman na din ng lalake na maraming manliligaw sa girl kaya dapat matic na yun. (y)
  13. Go taroroy!

    Go taroroy!
  14. hindi nga sinabi pero pumayag naman mag paligaw :facepalm:
    dapat kung walang chance si boy easily reject him para hindi masayang yung oras,pagod,pera niya :shifty: once na pumayag kang magpaligaw start na ng pag-asa niya
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  15. and accept the fact that the boys only wants a fling things..
  16. very well said @quencee.

    very well said queenceequeencee
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  17. they only court some girls get what they want..specifically the word"s3x"
    and after that they dump her like nothing happened..
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