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Tutorial New Feature - All external Images are now being serve via Proxy

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Draft, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This feature will serve external images embedded with BBCode in our Forum through a proxy mechanism (it does not store third party images as attachments).

    Block Cookie Stuffing

    Since images are served through our servers and cookies are not relayed, malicious cookie stuffing images are a non-issue.

    Eliminate Security Warnings

    Since PHCorner is running on HTTPS, users won't get warnings about the webpage containing insecure content.


    Now you'll be seeing this upload_2014-1-13_1-59-29.png instead of this upload_2014-1-13_1-58-52.png when a thread has an external image.

    Eliminate Malware Warnings

    If we don't proxy images through our own domain and you have a thread that includes an image from a domain flagged for malware, that page requires content from that domain to render itself, so you will be shown a prompt like this when trying to visit that thread:


    Compare To Moving Third Party Images Into Attachments

    The attachment system is permissions based, so it requires the user's session to be initialized in order to check those permissions (this means every image displayed requires multiple queries). The attachment system also forces users to reload it every time it's viewed (because of how it logs an attachment view counter).

    The Image Proxy does not create user sessions and needs zero queries to display an image. It also forces a browser cache of 1 year. This means that if the user sees the same image within 12 months and hasn't flushed their browser cache, their browser won't even make an HTTP request to check if the image has been updated (long story short is it makes for a faster user experience for your users).

    Encrypted Image URLs

    The actual image URLs are encrypted to make it impossible for other sites to maliciously utilize your image proxy.

    Server-Side Caching

    Since we have memcached installed, it will be used to store images for 1 hour. This means that our server does not need to go out and retrieve images as often as they are viewed.
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  2. Master Chief

    Master Chief Enthusiast Established

    OK, that's nice! :D Good to hear that.
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  3. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    unlimited talaga
    updates dito boss.. (y)
  4. Thank you for sharing!!!
  5. salamat sa info bossing...;)
  6. Ayos talaga dito :D nice nice update :happy:
  7. secure na secure.. (y)
  8. Galing Mo talaga Boss Draft..
  9. A wise leader/admin care for their people..nice po, thanks po!
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  10. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    • Don't proxy images already serve by PHCorner (like images from our Please or Register to view links)
    • Suppress server errors for URLs with no scheme/host
    • Better handling of Image URLs with spaces in them
    • Better handing of images on web servers returning two different Content-Type headers
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  11. nice thread boss(y)
  12. thanks dito boss.. :)
  13. nice update, the site is moving forward. keep it up :)
  14. ramren

    ramren Addict Established

    thanks for sharing :)
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