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Naughty Quotes

Discussion in 'Love' started by Jeanh, Aug 14, 2015.

    • I'm not staring at your bôôbs,I'm staring at your heart!
    • How can you tell a head nurse? She's the one with the dirty knees!
    • A pathan want to commit suicide, When asked: Why are you crying? Pathan said: My wife ran with my Best Friend & i can�t live without my friend.
    • Girl: Will you love me after marriage also? Boy: This depends on your husband, if he allows me.
    • Life's Irony Little Girls Want Barbie Dolls And Little Boys Want Big Cars. After Growing Up Big Girls Want Cars And Big Boys Want Barbie Dolls.
    • Life Is The Way How You Look At It: "LIVE TOGETHER" Some Will Read As: "Live Together" Others Will Read As: "Live To Gather" AND Some Will Read It As: "Live To Get Her" :-D :-x
    • Sign board at a Pakistani petrol pump "please don't smoke here! we know your life has no value But
    • Petrol is very expensive"
    • AM I CUTE? TEST call, if i m cute miss call, if i m gorgeous Text back if i m pretty Text a joke if i m charming Just ignore if u r jealous
    • '1 day I read smoking is bad. "I stop smoking" 1 day I read drinking is bad "I stop drinking" 1 day I read making Girl friendS is bad habit " I stop reading" lOlzz'
    • Height of bravery! Going Late To Class,in TOre Jeans&messy hair. Entering The class without Permission n saying to MAM: "Hey SwEeTy!" "CARRY ON DONT STOP"...
    • Do U know the full-form of COLLEGE- Do U know the full-form of COLLEGE- C-Come,O-On,L-Lets, L-Love, E-Each,G-Girl,E-Equally...... Thats why boys go to college regularly....
    • Met a girl the other day who has a seashell tattooed on her inner thigh. It's amazing, if you put your ear to it you can smell the sea!
    • Skin meets Skin When is that the skin meets skin, hair meets hair n balls disappear.. dirty mind its when u BLINK UR EYES
    • How wud u tell ur GF if u want to go to toilet on 1st date. Dear I've to go to shake hands with my close friend with whom I'm going to introduce u later!
    • A policeman arrested a prostitute in the Hospital area and asked for her profession. Prostitute: I'm a social engineer Policeman � What do you do? Prostitute- I build and destroy erections!
    • Teacher: Dog? Student- Bow Bow! Teacher: Cat? Student: Meowwwwww. Teacher- Lion? Student: Aah Aah Aah Aaah. Teacher: I said LION, Not �Leone'..! =P
    • Why was newton surprised to c a *phcorner* girl? bcoz something started moving upwards which was against law of gravity!
    • Caterpillar last words to a guy who's about to kill him u r just jealous that i can make ur girlfriend scream louder than u can. :P
    • GIRLS STUPIDITY:- . They wont give their phone no. even to a KNOWN PERSON. . But they give all their PRIVATE details to an UNKNOWN TAILOR..
    • " Do u know that ur smile takes 1000 people to death? Save the world? so plz start teeth brushing regularly "
    • A notice in a factory for girl workers. "If your skirt is long, protect yourself from machines at work.. If it is short, protect yourself from men at work"
    • In a bar 1 Guy says 2 another "I slept wid ur mom last nite" D whole bar was waiting 4 d other Guy's response. He laughs & says, "Lets go home dad, U r drunk"
    • What's common between the sun and women's underwear? a) Both are hot b) Both look better while going down c) Both disappear by night.
    • Interviewer: Where where yo born? Sardar ji: Punjab, interviewer: which part? Sardar ji : poori body was born in Punjab...."
    • It takes a million compliments to build you up & one insult to send it all crashing down.
    • Be smart and don't let me go, A girl like me and a love like mine don't come around every day.
    • LOVE is like a long sweet dream; MARRIAGE is the alarm clock.
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