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Smart & TalknText My reaction on 'sulitin na si bangko'

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by Ryomma14, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. First and for most I've made an account here to express myself and to share to other people my knowledge (and ofcourse that includes grief about our current internet connection in this country) and ravage you have just taken that from me. If you don't want this site to be what you called a 'palengke' then don't let other people post here than yourself. At anu yung sabi mo walang alam? I admit i really dont know everything about having proxies and having free internet coz i seldomly used it coz i do have internet at home and i do have a mobile data at my phone to use so the things that I post here are not about freenet or proxies coz I really don't want it and I dont care if you guys have that. I've posted that thread to warn those who are using that proxy and to my knowledge that is sharing. I've been here for two years and I really thought of growing here more. If banning me from this site is what you think is necessary then do it. This is not the only site that focus on internet there is a hell of a lot more.
    Stick this thread too so other newbies can see and let them say want they want to.

    Signing out.. .
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  2. syringe

    syringe Honorary Poster Established

    ops relax lang tayo bossing.
  3. Dumugo ilong ko
  4. Bang! Bang! Into the room! Relax lang sir.
  5. boss choice mo yan not to use but for me,i will use this free net or tricks dito..well that your own point of view naman.peace boss
  6. franzpo

    franzpo Addict Established

  7. Tommys

    Tommys Honorary Poster Established

    Tagalog nalang sana
  8. rickyrickyrocky

    rickyrickyrocky Addict Established

    ts sana hindi ikaw yung spy dito peace mo....
  9. papabesh

    papabesh Addict Established

  10. gmBLiTz

    gmBLiTz Eternal Poster Established

    Ok po.. i understand..
  11. Galit na galit. :greyalien:
  12. japnet

    japnet Honorary Poster Established

    huwat?! parang type ko mag pa salin ng dugo ngaun..
  13. emer01

    emer01 Enthusiast Established

  14. hanneman

    hanneman Eternal Poster Established

    parang binagyo mga utak natin ngayon...:confused:
  15. nikkoqyo

    nikkoqyo Addict Established

    Shots Fired ulet! HAHA! :punch:
  16. adzpo-003

    adzpo-003 Addict Established

    ang ilong ko jusko:-(
  17. Facebook na ba ito? Pusuan ko na to! #shareliketagheart
  18. tumbongniATOM

    tumbongniATOM Addict Established

    Buti yun napansin yung paulit-ulit na thread din sana instant ban kakainis magkapoint lang eh nakakainis talaga..
  19. numluck08

    numluck08 Forum Veteran Established

    Ginawa namang fb ang phc haha
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