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Mahal kita kasi.....

Discussion in 'Love' started by airnel, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. :hilarious: • I love you because you love me. You complete me and always there for me.
    • I love you because you make me want you and need you so bad.
    • I love you because I feel no doubt about you. About us. I love us.
    • I LOVE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. You're my present, my tomorrow, my future.
    • And I am your future.. your present, your today, your tomorrow and will be your partner beyond forever.
    • I love you not just because you're cute and funny and can sing through low notes. Lol. But because you respect me and love me too. And you take care of me. You cares for me so much that it scares me.
    • I love you because you are YOU and there's no other person in this world that could make me feel special like you do. I love you. I will never get tired of saying that I love you.
    • I love you because you have plans for us.
    • I love you because you understand me and accept me for who i am.
    • You accept my immaturity in more positive way hoping I'd still change and will be better in the future.
    • I love you and you truly believe in me so I am doing my best to be the right girl for you.
    • I love you and I will takecare of you until we grow old.
    •I love you because you make it so easy just to talk, you always listen to me. I can talk to you about anything under the sun. Thank you for being so nice to me and for being so ever understanding. I love you Babe.
    • I love you because I know you're a God's gift. Not just to me but also to your family. I can see how much they love you. I am proud that you have chosen me to love you and I promise to them that i will take care of you as much as how they care for you.
    • I love you and you're truly a blessing.
    • I love you because you always tease me but would cuddle me all day. And will say you still love me but wanted me to go on a diet. but still loves me anyway.Lol
    • I love you because I see myself in your eyes, I see myself growing old with you. Doing house chores like ironing your clothes(w/c i don't usually do.)Lol.
    • I love you and your sê×ÿ attitude.
    • I love you because I have millions of reasons to love you. But im tired of typing them all and im scared that some bitches might know what a nice person you are and would prolly start flirting on you now.Lol
    • So baby my plan for you is that we keep on loving each other, and grow old together but never get old. ♥
    • I love you and you love me. what else could I ask for?

    If I told you I loved one thing about you I would only be lying because I cant say I love one part of you and ignore the rest of you.
    I love everything about you. And to say I love you ignores the whole beauty of your soul.
    I love everything about you, the good and the bad.
    Its every little part of you that make you who you are and to say
    I love only one thing ignores your whole existence.

    Remember this, I'm always at your side. I love you:p
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