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Earn Almost $0.001-$100 By Day And Doing Nothing! [Passive Income]

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by hacksaw24, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. On this Method you can earn money everyday. Just sit, relax and earn!

    Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Go to this site and Sign up - Please or Register to view links

    Step 2: Download this Bot - Please or Register to view links

    UPDATE v.1.6: If the .jar does not work for you, try using this app. i converted it on a .exe file format via jar2exe wizard.

    Link: Please or Register to view links

    Description of Bot: (Updated v.1.6)

    UPDATE v1.6
    - The bot does not get stuck at "Login successful" anymore (Only for people who had activated the "Gaming theme" of the website)

    - Earned WarCoins and dollar are displayed correctly now (hopefully lol)
    - Added a workaround for the captcha
    - Season clicks + total clicks are displayed in the bot now
    - Fixed "Login failed", although you entered the right account credentials
    - Added custom settings for the breaks (full custom settings in the AngeClub version of the Bot)

    UPDATE v1.4
    - You can choose now if the bot does Ads or WarGrid or both
    - Minimized the wait time after clicking the ad a little bit
    - WarCoins and $ are displayed correctly now

    Today i'm releasing my new Bot, and everyone (not only AngeClub members) is allowed to use it!
    I've seen many people using WarOfClicks (War Of Clicks: Revolution in Online Advertising)

    What does it do?
    It will click all ads (also wargrid) all day long!


    .jar file is only 100kb small
    Http request based (no browser required!)
    Only uses about 20mb ram!!!!
    Works on every OS which has the latest java installed
    Integrated random breaks so you can leave it on your vps 24h/day




    Step 3: run the bot and sit,relax and earn! enjoy! :)

    PS: The bot software is a .jar file. just remove ".zip" and run it. Make sure you have installed the latest version of java before running the app.

    Gamit na guys habang working pa! Sama sama tayo magkakapera! :D :D :D

    *only check "ads" and DO NOT check wargrid.
    *If the bot gets stuck at "Login successful", just change the theme in your profile settings to the normal theme, not the gaming theme!
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2015
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  2. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Is this for real?
  3. yup.try it sir. :)
  4. updated link and thread v.1.6.enjoy!
  5. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Boss ano yung ibig sabihin nung use the same ip when clicking the add daw? walang nadagdag eh kada click gawa nun. Gamit ko pang internet eh ung akimi free internet for globe/tm
  6. wheres the jar file sir??? di ko po makita :(
  7. ma try nga po sana working:cat:
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