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Trivia biggest physical turn ons for guys

Discussion in 'Love' started by Yours, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. 18 biggest physical turn ons for guys

    1. The Lingering Kiss
    If you want to turn a guy on while saying goodbye to him, give this tip a try. Simply give him a goodbye hug, and when you kiss his cheek, let your kiss linger for a second longer than usual. You will absolutely leave him visualizing the kiss in his mind and wishing he could get more.
    2. Pressure On His Lap
    In many physical turn ons for guys, this is always an effective tip. Try this: when sitting next to a man and he is showing you something on his book or his tablet whilst it is on his lap, just simply use your finger to point out the things in the tablet or book without taking the book away from the guy.
    That way, he will absolutely feel the pressure of your fingers which are pressing down on his thighs or his manhood, thereby getting his imagination racing. Well, that sounds great, right? If you pretend to be unaware and innocent, it will surely make him feel even more aroused.

    3. Use The Kissing Whisper
    Just simply pretend like you have a secret to say to your guy, and then cup your own hands over his ears. When whispering something to him so softly, you need to make sure your lips touch his own ear lobes several times. That way, he will feel aroused almost helplessly and immediately.
    4. The Flash Of Skin
    It is sê×ÿ. Believe me! A flash of skin is taboo and unexpected, that makes it even attracting more. Every man knows that he needs to look away when a girl shows off accidently more than what she intends to show, yet the sight would turn him on and make his imagination race. You can show off a little bit of your skin whilst bending over or when wearing a skirt. Trust me! It always works and always gets the attention of every guy.

    5. Tattoos

    If you tattoo in those strategic skin areas, you are making a huge turn on for guys. This is one of the biggest turn ons for guys that every girl should make use of as it gets the guy’s imagination running wild. And, if possible, if you can just let the guy see a small part of the tattoo, not all of it, then it will be very sê×ÿ and absolutely turn the guy on

    6. Midriff And Lower Back

    The midriff and lower back of a girl are always attractive for guys. This is something arousing when a bit of the lower back or midriff peeks out of the T-shirt as if it was unintentional. Besides, if you have a shaped lower back and strong, attractive oblique muscles, then the V lines sticking out will make it hard for men to take his eyes off it.

    7. Well Fitting Clothes
    Do you have a well-built body, girls? If yes, you are lucky. If not, you should find some Please or Register to view links to keep fit if you really want to turn a guy on. A well fitting top or as well as a pair of hugging jeans will absolutely accentuate your own body without exposing anything. If you look fit, his imagination will do the work – run wild. Is that your goal?
    8. Accidental Grazes
    If a man grazes your **** or your bôôbs accidentally, surely he can’t stand but recollect the moment and of course get turned on by it. So, if you want to turn a guy on, use this technique, just make sure that he “accidentally” grazes your own body now and then. Let it be whist standing in the elevator, whilst hugging him, and even whilst pointing something out to him.

    9. The Downblouse

    Truth is, even those most respectable guys could not look away when such an attractive woman bends down right in front of him to pick things up, particularly if he could sneak a peek of her own cleavage. It will surely turn all guys on.

    10. Triangle Thigh Gap

    Do you know what the triangle thigh gap is? The triangle thigh gap is exactly the little triangle which forms between your thighs, and it is really noticeable if you wear a pair of well fitting jeans. If a man who is flirting with you can see this triangle between your own legs as you walk up to him or walk away from him, he might want to get in there – the triangle thigh gap – and even snuggle up. However, you should keep in mind this, that sê×ÿ triangle thigh gap is not the same when the anorexic thigh gap that spreads the way along the length of the thighs and might make a girl look skinny and frail.
    Sure, not every girl can have and get this sê×ÿ triangle thigh gap in such an all natural way, as it depends on each body shape. Actually, the curvier a body and also the wider your hips are, the easier it is to own the triangle thigh gap. Thus, if you do not own this amazing gap, you should not fret it as there are still many other things that also matter too.

    11. Your Busts
    Every man is aroused by a good looking pair of jugs. If you want to turn a man on, bëâr in mind that you always have a great point for stiff nipples by not wearing your ***. Wow…!

    12. A Round **** That Is Lifted Up
    A lifted **** is a big plus point for your attractiveness. If you have a big, lifted ****, you will absolutely turn a guy one when walking past him. In reality, butts are sê×ÿ, and as impressive as the bôôbs to a man. And, of course, a sê×ÿ round **** will make a guy want to lift you up by keeping holding your own ****.

    13. Brushing Arms
    When sitting close to guy, you should make sure that your arms will be accidentally touching him. Brushing your own arms and feet against a guy is considered as a subtle but subconscious manner of letting a man know that you want him. As a result, it will turn him on and get his imagination running wild even if he does not recognize that you are the person who is subconsciously making the initial move. Talk about brushing arms, it is really a delicate and subtle art of flirting as well as arousing a man without manipulation and making it obvious. In this list of biggest physical turn ons for guys, the power of eye contact counts on. Start at the man you like for just 1 or 2 seconds while across the room to let him know you want him. As long as it is flirty and mischievous, it will surely make his heart race in every second.
    15. Hair
    Did you know that you hair is also a big turn on for guys? The hair of a woman is a sensual asset. You could do many things with hair to seduce and turn a guy on and attract him. Run your hands through the length of your and this will make you look sê×ÿ. Twiddle the strands at the side of your own face for acting flirty and also coy concurrently.
    16. Tease
    Every man is turned on by a tease. Just walk right up to the man you like while starring at him, yet instead of talking to him, you can say “excuse me” and walk past him with such a teasing smile. When passing him, stare into his eyes, smile and simple say “thank you”. That way, it will promote his ego and make you irresistible to himself.
    17. Long Legs
    You have long legs and want to turn a guy on, then accentuate the legs with the help of high heels. However, even when you do not feel comfortable with high heels, you can wear well fitting clothes and skirts as it also works well. A great pair of feminine legs are the thing that always catch the attention and eyes of all guys, even when you walk away from him.
    18. The Curves
    The last one in this list of biggest physical turn ons for guys is the feminine curves. The hourglass, which is the dream of all girls, is an irresistible wealth that every guy admires in a woman. Wider hips in a girl is the evolutionary sign that instinctively tells a girl that she I is really attained puberty as well as really to procreate. Thus, you should accentuate your own curves and the guys will be turned on by that
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