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Trivia amazing uses of lemon

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. 15 amazing uses of lemon for skin, hair and health – WikiYeah

    1. Hair Lightener
    When it comes to uses of lemon for hair, in essence, lemon is considered as one of the best natural ingredients for beauty. It can be used as a hair lightener. You do not have to put chemicals in the hair. Before taking a trip to your favorite beach or lounging outside in the backyard to gain some rays, you can pour a little bit of some lemon juice in the hair. That way, you will have sun kissed highlights soon!

    2. Nail Strengthener

    The next on in this list of uses of lemon is a natural nail strengthener. Using gel manicures might damage your own nails in the long term by making them weak day by day. However, you always have a powerful solution for this problem. Mix cooking oil with lemon juice to create a good mixture. Then soak the nails into it. You can soak the nails in the lemon concoction to fix yellowing of your nails.

    3. Lip Exfoliator

    Whenever your lips are dry from such horrid winter, and you do not have lip-gloss right there, then putting some lemon juice on the lips before bed can help you a lot. That way, in the next morning, when washing your face, you will notice that the dead skin cells as well as dried skin will naturally scale off

    4. Shine Eliminator

    Are you looking for such an affordable and easy way to eradicate the oil sheen within your hair, then you should go for lemon juice. This is one of the most appreciated uses of lemon that women vote for. As lemon juice is a natural astringent, so you could apply several drops of lemon juice on the cotton ball and use this juice as the toner for removing the oil on the face.

    5. Skin Brightener

    Because lemon is rich in citric acid and vitamin C; thus, the its juice will be able to eliminate the shine on your own face as well as brighten and lighten the skin if you use it over time.

    6. Age Spots Lightener
    There is a fun fact about lemon juice that it could assist people in lightening their aging spots or even liver spots or freckles. You do not need to spend your hard earned money on those expensive aging cream because you just need to use the lemons available in your kitchen to get the same effects. Leave the juice on the age spots for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

    7. Teeth Whitener
    Talk about uses of lemon for health, we could not skip the benefit of lightening teeth. You should ready to make another concoction. Just simply take a small amount of baking soda and pour out a little bit of lemon juice before make these ingredients together. Then, take a Q-tip and use the mixture onto the teeth. Wait for about 2 minutes before using your toothbrush to scrub the teeth.

    8. Soften Dry, Scaly Elbows And Knees

    Itchy elbows are bad enough, yet they often look terrible too. In order to get better looking of your elbows, you can mix baking soda with a little bit of lemon juice to create a good paste (abrasive), then rub the paste onto the elbows to get smoothing, soothing, and exfoliating treatment.

    9. Clarifying Moisturizer

    To get the effect of a moisturizer of lemons, you need to get an extra ingredient for the introduced homemade beauty product – coconut water. After having two ingredients, you mix several drops of the water into one cup of lemon juice before applying onto the face as well as skin. With this method, the coconut water will hydrate your skin whilst the lemon juice will clear then brighten your own skin.

    10. DIY Deodorant

    You can use lemon juice as your own deodorant. This is an easy solution for your odor thanks to the citric acid within the lemon will kill odor-triggering bacteria, giving it a great title of the natural, perfect emergency deodorant

    11. Blackhead And Acne Treatment

    Could lemons help you in eliminating acne? Yes. Because lemons are antibacterial, so they could be used to remove your pesky blackheads. It is not necessary for you to mix the lemon juice with any other ingredient for this remedy. Just simply use freshly squeezed lemon juice; apply it onto the face and allow it to heal your own skin

    12. Refresh Cutting Boards

    Another uses of lemon for household benefits is removing the smell of cutting boards. After all, you use the cutting board for chopping onions, crushing garlic, and preparing fish. It must be smelly. So, to sanitize the cutting board, you rub a half of lemon over the cut side then wash it in undiluted juice straight from a bottle.

    13. Prevent Kidney Stones

    Regular intake of lemon juice mixed with water – the refreshing beverage can increase the production of urinary citrate, the chemical within the urine which prevents the development of crystals which might build up in to the human kidney stones.

    14. Fresh Your Breath

    If you want to refresh your breath, then make an impromptu mouthwash by rinsing your mouth with lemon juice straight from the bottle. To get longer lasting results, you swallow. Due to the citric acid in the lemon juice, it can alter the pH level within your mouth, thereby killing bacteria causing bad breath. Try to rinse after several minutes as the exposure to acid might damage your tooth enamel.

    15. Treat Flaky Dandruff
    Want to remove flaky dandruff naturally? Use lemons. If scaly and itchy dandruff are scratching your head, then massaging two tablespoons of lemon juice into the scalp will help you a lot. Rinse with water after finishing. Stir one teaspoon of lemon juice into 1 cup of water and rinse the hair with it. Do this daily till the dandruff disappears.
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