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Tutorial upadated rooting cloudfone ICE 350E w/video tut,mms.apk,systemiu.apk tut

Discussion in 'Android Unlocking & Rooting' started by Emepcoh-79, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Good day phcticenz

    share ko ang tut how to root you cf ice 350e just rooted mine...

    note pang pc o laptop po ito read carefully ang procedure para walang problema.


    1.usb cable


    3.Cloudfone 350E (your phone)

    4.presence of mind..


    1.Enable Application>Dev

    elopment>USB Debugging

    2.Enable Application>Unknown


    FILEs NEDDED (download this and

    install to pc)

    1.moboro for pc..


       Sorry you need to Register / Login to see this Codes!    

    2.Download and Extract Vroot.

    Please or Register to view links

    3.download ADB driver to make

    sure ma detect cp nyo sa pc


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    4.also download this


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    A. Run the PdaNet installer, wag

    muna i-plug si ICE sa USB

    B. When asked for your device type,

    select Other

    C. It will ask you to plug in your

    device to complete driver

    installation. Connect ICE to PC via

    USB. Mag-iinstall yung drivers.

    D. Pag na complete .. mkikita nyo

    na your device is ready to use..

    2. run nyo adb driver connect ur cp

    to pc then click install .. pag once it

    connected exit na lang ..

    3. OPTIONAL lang to.. run

    moboro .. pag na read na ng

    moboro ang cp nyo minimized the


    4. Run > Vroot > Root.exe -dapat

    connected si ICE

    (You'll see some chinese text)

    A. turn off ur cp..and wait na mg


    B. go to recovery mode by long

    press power button + volume up

    (sabay).. wait hanggang mkapasok

    sa recovery mod .. pag nasa

    recovery mod na wala na kayong

    gagalawin sa CP nyo

    C. sa PC yung Vroot na ni run nyo--

    Click the large button on the lower

    Right...tapos wait lang kau

    5. Phone will restart. (Do not

    unplug the cp to pc)

    Congratulations! You are now


    Chinese superuser app.

    to make sure na root na cp nyo ..

    download nyo sa playstore root


    100% root na po ako this tut is credited to our admin
    Xydex na lang yan po alias ni admin sa page :)
    at official cloudfone ice 350e facebook page.

    additional credit sa cm spark tv na original nag tut nito si Mesmerized_

    more ss to come
    update video tut to root ice350e
    credit to my group mate
    aquh si gray

    goto this link unzip para makita ang .txt file di pwede doon sa site.

    upload to box:
    Please or Register to view links

    update mms.apk & systemui.apk
    nasa last page ang update just go here:
    Please or Register to view links
    New upadate: 9/7/2013
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2013
  2. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    by the way this is safe root kaya feel free to try...

    Ganito dapat pag si moborobo detected si cf nyo:



    dapat ganito makita nyo pag open kay vroot at tapos na madetect ni mobo ung cloudfone ice 350e.

    at ganito ang finish product pag success ang rooting but if you want to check download po kayo ng root checker.


    dapat ganito lumabas pagrestart ng ice pagtapos na din scan ng vroot.

    at pag check kung root na use rootchecker pro open rootchecker
    push access pagnagscan at may nagpopup na chinese superuser paano igrant ang root push right side kung nakaharap ka sa phone para magrant ang permission.


    ito ung ice ko at check mo ung superuser chinese.


    ganun lang mga boss.

    Update on easy way to root you cloudfone ice 350e
    credit to boss jeseM.B. from official cloudfone ice 350e.

    tools needed:
    1. Usb Cable
    2. Computer
    3. CF Ice 350e (your phone)
    4. Presence of mind.

    1. Download then Install this driver
    Installation path

      • Open SCI-android-usb-driver-jungo-v4 folder
      • go to x86 kung 32 bit yung PC nyo at x64 kung 64 bit ang PC nyo.
      • Open DPInst.exe ( follow nyo lang instruction)
    2. Download then install Vroot:
    nasa taas ung vroot unang pahina.

      • Enable USB Debugging in your phone ( Settings/Application/Development/USB Debugging) don't connect to PC YET
      • Disable first your internet connection. Extract Vroot. Open Vroot (Run as ADMIN if 7/8)
      • Connect your phone to PC tru USB Cable (Wait..... e detect ni Vroot ang phone mo. If not detected, just click the green button in chines text bellow sa right side
    wait for any minutes
    magloloading yan approximately mga 2 mins, but less than 5 mins If it stop loading then the picture does not show yet the recovery mode (Spreadtrum test not faSTBOOT okay?) just still click green below right side.

      • When it shows to Recovery Mode na ni Vroot (Spreadtrum Test) , turn off your phone but do not unplug/disconnect your phone from PC yet and never close Vroot also..., ah ah!, its a no no ...!....wait until it shutdown mag ba-vibrate sha' in pabilisan mode,

      • hold volume up then power (vol up + power) saka mo bitawan kung lumabas na ang logo ng phone mo.Pag nasa recovery mode (spreadtrum test) ka na, hayaan mo lang yung phone mo..See your PC, magloload ulit si Vroot ^_^ . Hayaan mo ang phone mo na mag restart ng kusa. Saka muna tanggalin kung si Vroot sa PC may check na nakalagay.
    Pag X, try mo below:
    -Unplug your phone from PC
    -Boot to recovery mode by holding vol down + power button
    nasa Recovery mode na, again press green button sa Vroot.

    To make sure na root na cp nyo .. download nyo sa playstore root checker
    or install like root explorer.... Pag nag prompt sa phone, nasa right
    yung accept..

    ganun lang guys.

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2013
  3. sir but failed pag isntall ung ni run ko pdnet?
  4. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    boss paanong failed by the way bawal naka deep freeze pc laptop

    about sa tanung mo paanong failed ss provide boss.
  5. e2 po boss

    gani2 pag failed

    binaliwala ko to at pumunta sa next step hangang na tapos pero pag install ko sa rootchecker basic tas chineck ko inde pa rooted kaya sure ako nandyan ang problema?

    Attached Files:

    You must or Register to view Attachment.
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  6. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    ah dapat naka sak sak na si cloudfone mo bago yan magpopup not detected ni pdanet si ice mo boss ulitin mo sa pag install si pdanet na naka plugin na sya.
  7. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    iyong additional setup doon sa iba nagroroot sa facebook official group ng ice. ako man ganyan din nung niroot ko nirun ko pdanet reinstall bago ako nagtuloy sa pagroot.
  8. ano pala page sa facebook?
  9. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    nasa facebook group ka pala bakit di ka nag ask kay boss jese. na admin nun.

    pero sige madali lang naman yan iroot basta hindi mag problem sa kailangan ng cf ice dapat successful naka install din si pdanet sa ice mo.
  10. btw hinde ko pala ma punta sa recovery mode ang cp ko pag naka sak sak ang cp ano po gagawin ko?
  11. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    diba nasa browser mo kita ko sa ss mo cloudfone ice. and I guess member kana doon.
  12. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    dika makapunta sa recovery mode sundan mo lang tut nandyan maroroot mo yan hindi naman pabilisan sa pagroot need din ng clear positive mind.
  13. yung closed group inde pa ako kasali sir
  14. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    maniwala na di makapunta sa recovery mode pag naka plugin ang ice sa pc. magagawa mo yan kung wala mali sa process sa pagroot ayusin mo muna pdanet mo bago tayo pumunta sa recovery mode.

    ako nga solo ko na niroot ito di na ako nag ask un mga bagay just follow the procedure.
  15. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    nagpunta ka dito para ako ang tanungin sa tut na yan kasi busy ung iba doon.

    ito additional procedure nung ako mismo nagroot

    ganito procedure ko nung actual ko
    niroot si ice
    boss pag may dati driver sa
    device manager uninstall tulad sa
    akin un at enable ko di usb debug
    mode ginawa ko tapos nirun ko si
    installer pdanet .exe nung mainstall
    ay agad ko kinabit nung madetect
    na si ice check ko others naginstall
    si pdanet sa ice sunod nirun ko si
    new adbdriver success ung
    installation ni exit ko si pdanet
    then install ko moborobo nung
    mainstall nadetek si ice at nainstall
    ulit si moborobo sa ice ko then
    inopen ko si vroot ung icon na blue
    tapos click ko un green button ni
    vroot nung madetect ice ko hold
    both vol up+power wait 3second
    magshow logo ni ice second ung
    recovery mode wala ako ginalaw
    habang nag loading si vroot sa
    mismong dashboard nya next
    automatic si vroot ang nagrestart
    ice ko at un chinese dashboard ni
    vroot na root ice350e.
  16. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    kung di maroot now pag aralan ulit ung tut. sa pag root at isipin mo saan ka nahihirapan off din antivirus dapat wala nakaka sagabal kay vroot.exe is an exploit.
  17. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    check mo device manager lava iris ang driver mo kung ganun ay dapat uninstall mo papalitan mo sya ng driver na bago kaya failed yan di compatible sa pdanet.exe is a driver also pag na uninstall mo ang lavairis iris na dating driver ni ice saka mo iinstall si padanet.exe sunod run adb install pag success installation ung pdanet.exe at adb driver install moborobo na connected si ice sa pc ss na connected si mobo kay ice nasa 1st page ganun dapat pag success open vroot folder hanapin ung blue icon ni vroot open idedetect si ice ss nasa 1st page din pag success detected na ni vroot turn off cf ice habang naka plugin sa pc uulitin ko turn off bago mag vibrate hold both vol up+ power wag bibitawan pag hold wait 3 to 5 second mag boot yan to logo of cf ice wait mo lalabas ang recovery mode na blackscreen with blue text writing bitawan na paghold wala ka na gagalawin sa cf ice 350e mo,now sa pc sa dashboard ni vroot push mo lang ung green button un lang wala na Iba. wait mo mag scan till matapos overall scanning ni vroot kay ice si vroot ang mag rerestart kay cf ice.wag mo gagalawin ang phone pag natapos na scanning ni vroot dapat ss ni vroot na root cloudfone ice 350e nasa 1st page ang proof dapat ganun din lumabas sa pc. saka mo palang sya iremove sa pc si ice ung pagcheck na rooted ka nasa 1st page ung sinabi ko andoon din procedure.

    ganun lang pag root.
  18. Emepcoh-79

    Emepcoh-79 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    by baka ikaw humihingi video paano iroot si cf ice wala ako video mano mano pag root nyan. andyan na lahat sinabi ko na ginawa ko sa pagroot ng ice ko imposible hindi mo magawa yan. no spoon feeding sa akin complete tut na po yan nakasalalay po sa magroroot na po yan. nakahain at luto na.
  19. sa vroot na lang talga yugn hold vol up at power many times ko na inulit ayaw talga pumunta sa recovery