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tnt problem solving!

Discussion in 'Smart, TNT & Sun Questions' started by akzxon007, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. First tym q mg post sna effictive
    Globe apn solusyon s problema nyo.,sakin working sya, nkkpg update and downlod aq ng mga apps..
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  2. mikez125

    mikez125 Enthusiast Established


    NOTLIF Enthusiast Established

    uu. gawa kau bago apn globe para sa tnt.....
  4. crissan2015

    crissan2015 Addict Established

  5. borugs

    borugs Honorary Poster Established

    pakumpleto po ng detalye mo ts
  6. numluck08

    numluck08 Forum Veteran Established

    anong apn ?

    anong apn?
  7. Minami Ikki

    Minami Ikki Enthusiast Established

    yung apn po ba ng globe sim idol ? salamat na rin po sa share(y)

    NOTLIF Enthusiast Established

  9. hahh? globe apn ggamitin mo sa tnt? o_O
  10. numluck08

    numluck08 Forum Veteran Established

  11. Minami Ikki

    Minami Ikki Enthusiast Established

  12. ZiLdjaN_24

    ZiLdjaN_24 Enthusiast Established

  13. ven28

    ven28 Addict Established

    Paano settings s apn ?
  14. v38707

    v38707 Addict Established

    Not working yan, sinubukan ko na yan,
  15. Noel Mojica

    Noel Mojica Addict Established

    Kahit ano naman ilagay mo sa apn ng smart eh....
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