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Dami nyo Riddle ito naman sagutin nyo :sneaky:

Discussion in 'Gags & Jokes' started by Daisuke_Jigen, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. What goes up and up, but never comes down?

    sige sa tagalog..

    Ano ang laging tumataas pero hindi na ito bababa kaylanman? :sneaky:

    zegenzegen sagot mo wait ko :sneaky:
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  2. Nope :D

    Sagot po tayo :D

    sagot mo marj? :D tembongtembong tara dito :D
  3. :whistle: hmmm hmmm hmmm

    :whistle: hmmm hmmm hmmm
  4. wala akong maisip arty . :LOL:
  5. si tembong ang magaling dito . alam mo naman yon . :LOL: :hilarious:
  6. :whistle: hmmm hmmm hmmm
  7. :whistle: hmmm hmmm hmmm
  8. smoke..heheh pwede din
  9. A C E

    A C E Eternal Poster Established

    edad yan lang ang tumaas na kahit kailan di bumababa kahit anong pilit .... haha
  10. :whistle: hmmm hmmm hmmm

    :whistle: hmmm hmmm hmmm try pa po

    :whistle: hmmm hmmm hmmm
  11. A C E

    A C E Eternal Poster Established

    dta yan lang ang reply :(
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