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Cherry mobile w7 apps and free internet

Discussion in 'Clone or China Phones & Others' started by genxy, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. [ Update!!! June 2, 2013.. See attachment and read it carefully..]

    Ginawa kong thread nato para sa nahihirapan mag hanap ng apps sa CMw7 at free internet sa built-in na OM nito.. Dapat activated na sim mo..
    free apps : Please or Register to view links
    Choose (.VXP) extension
    Free net:
    1st: Go to settings > Network & connectivity > Data accounts > Sim 1 or Sim 2 (Depende kong saan and Globe mo)..
    2nd: Add account, Choose any name you want, > APN: http.globe.com.ph
    3rd: Go to Advanced settings > Homepage: Please or Register to view links > Use proxy
    > Proxy address: > Proxy port: 80
    yung iba wag nyo nalang galawin.. then SAVE..
    pag dika mka connect sa ginawa mong Config, try to Set default the other config like Globe INET, MyGlobe CONNECT or Globe Internet.. pag walang Homepage ang mga yan, lagyan mo nalang gaya sa itaas.. Proxy address: Proxy port: 8080.. sa ngayon kasi nag papalit palit ang Globobo ng connection. pag wala parin. sa INET mo, wag mong lagyan ng Homepage, Proxy add and port then save.. Nakaka free internet ako ngayon pero diko alam kung hanggang kailan.
    hit tnx pag gumana din sa inyo..

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  2. .clasm8 gumagana pba ito hangang ngaun?hehe
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  3. Oo.. mabilis pa nga eh..
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  4. .mayron kang pang nokia clasm8?.regards daw soliven!.ang program nyo daw pkipasa na!.hehe
  5. Sino ka? My nokia din bsta my java ka..
  6. ..mayroon aqng java sa aking nokia.ang kulang nlang yung application na e install.eetrrrrrrrggg.
  7. Wrong section ka bro.. Read the roles..
  8. working paba e2 as of now??
  9. bro dead link download link mo
  10. pa try nito


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