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[Tutorial] Guide for making your own Ragnarok Private Server

Discussion started by Senpai, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Senpai

    Senpai Second to None Staff Member Support Team

    Before we start,you need to download these things first:

    1) kRO clients - [ Login to view Links]
    2) Loki Launcher - [ Login to view Links]
    3) xDiff*****er v2 -[Login to view Links]
    4) Grf Builder - [ Login to view Links ]
    5) Ro Open Setup - [ Login to view Links ]
    6) TortoiseSVN - [ Login to view Links]

    1. Open your kro client and update it to the latest version.

    2. Download Ragexe File from [Login to view Links] Which i used is 2013-08-07aRagexe

    3. Download xDiff File from [Login to view Links] Note: Must Same Version With Your Ragexe File. (Which i used is 2013-08-07aRagexe so i should download 2013-08-07aRagexe.xDiff)

    4. Open xDiff*****er.exe input your Ragexe File and xDiff File then click the Load button.
    After it Load Complete,Look at the below section and Tick these option:

    - Disable Ragexe Filename Check
    - Disable HShield
    - Disable Packet Encryption
    - Enable Multiple GRFs
    -@ Bug Fix
    - Ignore Missing File Error
    - Ignore Missing Palette Error
    - Increase Headgear ViewID to 5000
    - Increase Zoom
    - Load ItemInfo.lua before lub
    - Read Data Folder First
    - Read msgstringtable.txt
    - Read questid2display.txt
    - Translate Client In English
    - Use Normal Guild Brackets
    - Use Ragnarok Icon
    - eXtract MsgStringTable.txt
    - eXtract txt file strings

    Click the 'Diff'n'Save!' button when you've done.
    Close the xDiff*****er and move the Ragexe*****ed.exe into your kRO folder.

    5. Open Loki Launcher Folder and edit the loki.ini, Edit it like this:

    ; Must be on same dir of Loki

    Exe = "2013-07-03aRagexe_*****ed.exe"
    (I change into 2013-07-03aRagexe_*****ed.exe because I *****ed my
    2013-07-03aRagexe.exe. if you use another ragexe please changed into yours)

    Save it when you've done.
    Move the launcher and loki.ini into your kRO folder.

    6. Create a new Folder named it ''Data Translation Folder'' then right click on the folder and click 'SVN Checkout...' Fill in this url [Login to view Links into the 'Url of Reposity' and click ok.
    It will start to download and wait it until complete then click ok.

    7. After it download complete,open the folder and go to ''Data'' folder then right click the ''clientinfo.xml'' and click edit. (Note: If you can't find it,just create it with your Notepad and save it as ''clientinfo.xml''.)

    Find this line:

    Change it to your version (Which i used is 45 for 2013-08-07 client)
    You can find your version in folder Server\trunk\db\packet_db.txt (rAthena File)
    Note: You can skip step 7 if you haven't setup for the rathena server but you must remember to change it after you've setup the rathena server. For server side please refer to Login to view Links.

    8. Open your grfbuilder click ''new'' to create grf, named it ''rathena'' and save it, then choose ''merge dir'' find your data translation folder
    you download before. And then choose the folder ''data'' inside data translation folder then click Ok. Wait until it complete. Click close and move the rathena.grf to kRO client folder.
    9. Now change all lua extension to lub extension in your data translation folder. Place this script into your data translation folder ''data/luafiles514'' and run it.
    Download the Script from here: [Login to view Links]
    Rename the ''luatolub.bat.txt'' into ''luatolub.bat'' then run it. It will change all the lua files to lub automatically.

    10. Edit your DATA.ini in your kRO client folder like this:


    Then save it. (Note: If you can't find it,just make one with your notepad.)
    11. Move the ''opensetup.exe'' that you've downloaded just now into your kRO Folder.
    Now your client is ready. :D
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  2. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    I like the colors boss sê×ÿ abs. :D
    PHC-DareDevil, Zariah and Senpai like this.
  3. nice thread i love RO btw thanks
    Senpai likes this.
  4. sir are those download links still working? bec. im gonna try this tut later, it cant be donwloaded at my phone
  5. nice thread.. sana may pang mobile.. ts
  6. pa bm ts.. try ko to pag angka oras ako
  7. sir, can i have some video TUT for this?
  8. PHSulok

    PHSulok Journeyman Established

    how about your own RF ONLINE server??
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  9. xapple

    xapple Enthusiast Established

    ayaw yata gumana nito sir...di ko ma download...
    salamat po dito...
  10. hahaha naalala ko yung gumawa ako private server =D kaso hanggang 100 lng ang pwed kong player hahahah natawa ako kc ako gm ei hahaha x150 lahat drop rate and expi level max ko 700 haha no mobs puro boss yung mga nilagay ko ng dapat normal mobs lang hahha ....pero may sumira sa server ko hinack tapos di ko n ma revive yung server na ginawa ko ..na ingget cguro yung nang**** hahahha
    Senpai likes this.
  11. Senpai

    Senpai Second to None Staff Member Support Team

    working pa po mga link

    open ka ulit new server paps :D
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  12. hehe
    try ko lift hehe mabusisi
  13. pano naman kaya ma sesecured yung server para di ma ****?
  14. Hosting na yung bahala mag secure ng protection ng server mo.
    xSCRUMBLEx likes this.
  15. aw. connected parin sa host. kati kasi sa bulsa din pag kumuha e. hahaha

    kailangan din pala talaga magbayad. wala ibang paraan :)
  16. ano gamit mong client pre sa new rathena revision ?
  17. di pa ako gumagawa. wala din kasi kung may bayad yung para magkaroon ng players e. di naman ako mahilig sa hosting na yun. tsaka magastos.
  18. port forwarding kung gusto mo kaya lang magastos naman sa kuryente
  19. BM ko muna to thanks
  20. ayos to ahh... salamat sa nagpost.. :)
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