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Solved Katay na ba popular payload ng sun?


Lagi lang ganyan😥

[2019-08-03 08:36:50] Running on samsung SM-N960F (universal9810) samsung, Android API 28
[2019-08-03 08:36:50] Application version: 4.5.7 Build 101
[2019-08-03 08:01:29] Reread (1) log items from log cache file
[2019-08-03 08:36:50] Reread (1) log items from log cache file
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] Tunnel Type Direct SSH (Custom Payload)
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] [START] service requested
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] Injector Service Started
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] Network Status: CONNECTED LTE to MOBILE internet
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] Local IP:
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] Starting listening local port: 8989
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] Start tunnel service
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] SSH Compression Enabled
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] Tunnel Type Payload + Direct SSH Connection
[2019-08-03 08:36:59] Type: MOBILE [LTE] | State: CONNECTED | internet
[2019-08-03 08:37:10] Disconnected


Eternal Poster
Bakit kaya sakin ayaw na?
Di po ako sure. Pero pansin ko rin na ibang config na gawa ko di gumagana kahit bago pa. Baka sa site na ata na pinag-gawan ng ssh server? Yung isang 1 month config ko din na september pa dapat di na gumagana...

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