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Tutorial QoS - Quality of Service


Apr 3, 2016
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What is QoS (Quality of Service)?
• In terms of networking, Quality of Service is really about traffic shaping and prioritizing traffic

Have you ever been sitting at home with your family, friends or shared connections and you're strêâmïng or watching in nêtflïx/hulu and somebody asides kicked up a download of a ***** or some kind of stuff?

You may see hulu/nêtflïx going to buffering or change the video quality even though you ought to have more than enough bandwidth to do both those things

QoS sets a priority on a packet and allows you to reserve a certain amount of bandwidth for each of the applications that you're running depending on the router that you have.

Sa mga gustong ayusin yung QoS (Quality of Service) nila, di ko na dito ididiscuss kung paano yung config ng bawat modem kasi napakahaba. Use google for the configuration of your own modems, hindi pare pareho ng config yan, yung iba walang settings na ganito ganyan at yung iba naman ay kumpleto. Explore niyo lang.

Egress bandwidth - The upload speed through the WAN port
Ingress bandwidth - The download speed through the WAN port

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