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ehi Sun [June 17, 2019] --> ck_shooter's ehi. 30 days config. fast_speed stable and lowping, good for gaming, feedback naman jan.


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Aug 18, 2017
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June 17, 2019 [Ehi file (http injector) update]
-->For HTTP Injector only<--

->2 Configuration of Premium Singaporean Server
->Super Fast_Speed, Lowping, Good for Specially in Gaming and Stable Connection.


  • ->online gaming
  • ->strêâmïng
  • ->surfing
  • ->downloading
  • ->etc.
-For Sun network only-
->(TU** promos, try to other promos)

30 Days Singaporean (D.O) Servers

  • Config. no. 1:
Spoiler contents only visible to Established Member.
  • Config. no. 2:
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#hinay hinay lang sa pag gamit guys, 2gb to 3gb per day, as much as possible wag muna paabutin nang 3gb, malaking usage na yon, para iwas block.

-->Proven and Tested<--
(depende sa area ang speed)

Please huwag ugaliing HIT and RUN, wala po tayo sa kalsada!! :)

Simple thanks or feedbacks are enough, please hit like and comment!

-->Follow me for more updates<--

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