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FREE One Piece 3D Parallax Wallpaper


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Dec 17, 2016
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Hi guys, today I want to share my cool One Piece anime wallpaper with 3D parallax effect. This will be open for download especially for those One Piece anime fan here!

Proof: You must register or login to view this.

Mugiwara 3D Parallax Wallpaper

Things needed:

1. Smartphone (of course)
2. Download and install 3D Parallax Background here You must register or login to view this.
3. Download and unzip this file for my 3D Parallax wallpaper You must register or login to view this.

Once you have the things above follow these steps:

1. Open 3D Parallax app then click the encircled in red + button
2. Locate and choose the "top layer", "middle layer" and the "bottom layer" in the Mugiwara 3D Parallax file.
3. Create a theme title and select cinematic flare FX in the animated effect option.
4. Click the preview button to preview your wallpaper.
5. Save and apply the wallpaper.

There you go you have your awesome One Piece Luffy wallpaper in 3D parallax effect.

Hope you like it and give this thread a like and follow me for more cool and awesome stuffs (y)

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