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Kayo na humusga


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Jan 30, 2019
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17 SENATORS: A frightening scenario sent anonymously by a concerned Filipino.

“If the Admin's Hugpong were able to win 9 (nine seats) out of 12 this May, they would be able to have a veritable supermajority in the Senate of a minimum seventeen (17) Senators.

Seventeen Senators out of twenty four (17 of 24) is a majority that will be two-thirds plus one and technically, the magic number required for the Senate to EVEN OVERRIDE any veto by the President.

When they have this solid 17 out of 24, they will have the power and legal number to be able to:

1. Legislate in full what Duterte wished done including many ways to amend the Constitution in every way, foremost would be amending the 1987 Constitution from Presidential to Federal form.

2. Impeach VP Leni thru trumped up charges because they have the minimum numbers to do it. Impeaching the VP improves the chances of Sara inheriting the Presidency without an election where in the shift Federalism,
the new Senate with Bong Go,
Bato, Imee and all those beholdento Duterte will elect the Devil as Senate President if Duterte liked it.

3. Ratify a new defense treaty with China where we will come under the thumb of China for the next 99 years.

4. Rescind thru a Senate Bill the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDF) with the United States to make way for China to become the only powerful ally of the new Federalist Philippines.

5. Grant special privileges to
China to mine and utilize, on our behalf, the resources in the WPS so that "the entire South China Sea will live in peace & harmony".

6. Enact a treaty with China where special access to the rich and vast Benham Rise holdings on our East side for a paltry share due in reason "that we do not have the resources and know how" to make use of it.

7. They may even try to expel Sen. Delima using their numerical superiority for "acts unbecoming as a Senator" for her trumped up drug charges that no RTC Judge wants to handle.

8. And last, maybe by August of this year, Medialdia will be 'promoted' elsewhere and Gloria Arroyo will sit as Presidential Executive
Secretary where she can sign edicts in behalf of the President that ends with "By the Authority Of The President" day in, day out; in support of the main plan that Sara must become President in 2022 and she, Gloria Arroyo must sit as Prime Minister when the shift to Federalism becomes final and complete.

So you see folks, we the citizenry must strive to prevent Hugpong from gaining nine (9) more Senate seats this May 2019; because if they do - we might as well say goodbye to the Republic we hold dear, as we know it.”

More than enough reasons for us to vote for independent or opposition candidates 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭


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so to put this simply..your telling us to vote otso diretso..??.lol..you put those blah blah blah just to imply in the end to vote other beside hugpong..we didnt say that we will vote all in in hugpong because we are smart voters..we will vote who we think is right to sit in the senate..but im sorry my friend..we didnt see it in otso diretso either..they dont want WHAT IS RIGHT for our country..they just WANT TO OPPOSE EVERYTHING what the curent administration is doing..


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Ang gusto ni mr. president ay umunlad ang ating bansa at hindi maging alipin ng ibang bansa.

btw bias masyado itong thread at puro against kay duterte


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atsaka panigurado hindi naman lahat sila mananalo eh, at hindi rin lahat ng mananalo ay susunod kay President.


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Panigurado pakawala nanaman ito ni awinahe .. Hahaha , Pagod na ako dito.
Bsta iboboto ko nalang sa tingin ko na may malasakit sa bayan at hindi plastic
Nanood lang nga ng nêtflïx sinDuterte binatikos agad. Wala nabang karapatan mag pahinga ang tao?
Si noynoy nga Nag papahinga noon dahil lang sa Ubo at sa sigarilyo di nyu naman binabatikos


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1000% agree with TS... I said it and will say it again: the Senate must be independent!
In order to have real "check and balance" the duterte's lapdogs should not be elected... but they will be because they are going to make a hocus pocus with the billions they have from the taxpayers :mad:


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I think the people now are well informed that they know who to choose, importante na ipakita natin sa mga politicians na ito na tayo yung masusunod.


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Democracy 101

“Every country has a government; only democracies have an opposition”.

The opposition in democracies therefore has functions.

Firstly, it constitutes a counterweight:
it makes it possible to guarantee transparent and responsible government serving the public interest and to avoid the majority being tempted, once it has come to power, to
conduct a policy that interferes with basic rights and freedoms.

More specifically, the opposition’s role is to:

–criticize the government’s programs, decisions and actions by closely examining its draft laws and budget;

-To offer political alternatives by developing its own programs and proposing alternative solutions to the decisions planned by the government and representatives
of the majority;

–clearly explain and promote its voters’ interests;

–improve the parliamentary decision-making procedure by ensuring
debate, analysis and the presentation of divergent opinions;

–monitor and oversee the activities of the government and the administrative authorities;

–strengthen the stability, legitimacy, accountability and transparency of the
political process.


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We just need to be educated. i dont know if its true or not as well. We need to be matured enough and be open minded.

The Philippines is already caught in China’s web, but there’s still the time and a way to escape from it.

The time is now that its economy isn’t heavily dependent on China. And the way is by saying “no” to Chinese investments that could leave the country heavily indebted to Beijing.

With relations between the Duterte Administration and Beijing warming up, China is expected to turn into a financier of the Philippines infrastructure “Build, Build, Build” initiative, promising a “golden age of infrastructure.” China is also a potential suitor for key Philippines assets, like the Hanjin shipyard.

However, Filipinos are already beginning to see the negative side of China’s presence: a large influx of Chinese workers to the country at a time when Filipino workers are seeking jobs overseas, and rising property values are making it difficult to afford a home.

Some of these You must register or login to view this. have yet to materialize. And when they do, they will leave the Philippines heavily indebted to China, as they are financed with loans rather than grants. And that raises the prospect of debt turning into a “trap,” and turning the Philippines into another Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s debt trap tale began with Beijing lending that country funds needed to have its ports upgraded by Chinese contractors. When Sri Lanka couldn’t repay the loans, Beijing converted them into equity. That gave Beijing ownership and control of Sri Lanka’s two major ports.

Still, the fears that the Philippines will turn into the next Sri Lanka are overblown. As was discussed in a previous piece here, Beijing cannot do to the Philippines what it You must register or login to view this. to Sri Lanka — use the “debt trap” to acquire key sea outposts — because the Philippines economy is different than Sri Lanka’s.

Therefore, Manila should apply market criteria rather than central planning criteria to decide which projects will be pursued and financed by China.

It can say “no” to Chinese investment projects that promote China’s ambitions rather than Philippines priorities.

Why? For a simple reason: the Philippines economy doesn’t depend heavily on China, as other Asian economies do (e.g., the Malaysian economy).

China isn’t the top direct You must register or login to view this. in the Philippines — Japan, US, and Singapore are.

China isn’t the top export You must register or login to view this. for the Philippines either. Last year, America was the top export market, at 10.6 billion (15.6% of total Filipino exports), followed by Hong Kong ($9.6 billion (14.2%), and Japan $9.5 billion (14%). China occupied the fourth position($8.7 billion (12.9%).

That’s in sharp contrast with Malaysia, where China is the largest export market for Malaysia ($42.5B), followed by Singapore (35.7B), and the US ($33.1B).

This means that Beijing doesn’t have leverage against any “irrational” behavior by the Philippines, like canceling Chinese projects, as it has over Malaysia.

By coincidence, Malaysia’s exports dropped unexpectedly followed a decision of the country’s newly elected leadership to cancel certain Chinese projects.

Specifically, that country’s exports dropped 5.3% annually to MYR 66.6 billion in February 2019, after a 3.1% in January and missing market consensus of 1.4%, according to Tradingeconomics.com.

Still, Malaysia managed to re-negotiate Chinese projects and get a good deal.

The Philippines can do much better than that, while there’s still time. Will the Duterte administration do it?

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Bsta ang alam ko lang lamang na lamang ang Team Duterte ngayun sa ibat ibang surveys kahit nga dito sa Phc
, Last edited:
Pucha bakit di binabalita yong tungkol sa pre shaded ballot pabor sa mga otso demonyo?
Kaya pala mga usap ni bam, kampante siya kahit daw kulelat sa top ang ibang mga otso demonyo

Kapag nanalo pa mga hayup na iyan mga otso demonyo, alams na


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, Last edited:
Pucha bakit di binabalita yong tungkol sa pre shaded ballot pabor sa mga otso demonyo?
Kaya pala mga usap ni bam, kampante siya kahit daw kulelat sa top ang ibang mga otso demonyo

Kapag nanalo pa mga hayup na iyan mga otso demonyo, alams na
may binyaran na ba sila sa comelec parang chill chill lang sila?


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may ganto silang pinapakalat. wew

I am Inday Echevarria, Team Pilipinas Volunteer.

Bagong gising lang po. Bagong mulat.

For the longest time, I desperately wanted to believe that this was just a bad dream, and that when I woke up, things would be ok again.

Kaso hindi eh. I woke up to the horrid realization that this nightmare wasn’t going to end - and that the next generation will be forced to endure this - unless we do something about it. NOW.

I know I am partly to blame. For years, I did nothing. I avoided conflict. I refused to get involved. Ayoko ng may kaaway. But in the process, I lost my voice, and I became irrelevant. We all did.

And so now that I can no longer stomach what this govt is doing - who do I turn to? Certainly not the President. Not Congress. And sadly, not even the Supreme Court, which has lost its independence.

We may have an imperfect Senate, but right now, it is the only branch of govt that is not yet totally under the control of the President. If that happens, all will be lost, because whatever the President wants, he’ll get - UNOPPOSED.

This election, therefore, is the most crucial battle of them all. I am NOT ready to concede the Senate to him.

Which is why I’m taking a stand. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone - and volunteering for Otso Diretso.

WHAT can one volunteer do? On my own - not much. I am just a retired pianist. But because you believed in Otso Diretso and what they were fighting for, you all threw your support behind this fundraiser.

Thanks to you, we were able to raise more than 300K. This will go towards the production of campaign materials, para naman makilala ng mga botante ang ating mga kandidato.

A few days ago, a friend told me - sayang ang Otso Diretso, ano? They are good people, principled and brave. Pero wala silang winnability factor.

Winnability? Ano ito - Pinoy Idol? Bakit? Ako ba, may winnability factor? Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I could pull this off. But because you backed me up , because you believed in Otso Diretso, we made it. We were able to fill up the MAJORITY of the seats, even without the MACHINERY of Ticket World.

And then I understood. Iba ang winnability factor from star factor. Winnability is something that we, the sovereign Filipino people, can bestow on our candidates. Kahit unknown pa sila (sa ngayon)

Kaya naging Presidente si Tita Cory.
Kaya naging Bise Presidente si Leny.
Kaya magiging Senators ang Otso Diretso.

The magic starts when we start believing that we can win.

Let us all unite behind Otso Diretso. In unity, there is strength. But when we divide our votes, like we did 3 years ago, we are “rewarded” with the likes of this President.
Sana naman, this time around, united na tayo.

Make a stand. Step out of your comfort zone and volunteer. Do this for your children. Huwag nating ipamana sa kanila ang ganitong klaseng bangungot.

Otso Diretso sa Senado. Ang laban ng walo, laban ng bayan.


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dreams can be defined AS BAD IF U DONT LIKE what is it that you dreamed..for you it is a BAD dream..but for the 16 million it is not..it a matter of preference..bad dream for me is when AN INNOCENT LITTLE GIRL IS RAPED AND MURDERED BY A DRUG ADDICT PARENTS ARE CRYING AND ASKING FOR JUSTICE BUT THE ADDICT WILL JUST GO TO JAIL HOPING TO TO CHANGE WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN..then HUMAN RIGHTS WILL ASK FOR THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF THAT ADDICT..that is a bad dream..when the world gets topsy turvy where u care for those CRIMINALS and not for the VICTIMS


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bad dream is when YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE cried over DEAD ADDICTS AND PUSHER but not on the POLICEMEN WHO DIED during those encounter..

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