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Globe & TM May 2019 Legit Working GLOBE PROMOS!

Damong Ligaw

Jan 23, 2019
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GOCTCOMBOAFC34- 10 mins call/250 allnet txts/ 34 pesos
GOTSCOMBOAFC98- unli data -800 cap/3 days 98 pesos
GOCSCOMBOAFB73- 10 mins call/ unli data-800 cap / 2 days
GOTSCOMBOKEA37- 1 gb / 20 txts 1 day
GOSURFBE34- 15 days /2mb
(siningit ko lang po ang kea at be34 para sa di nakakaalam)
GOCOMBOAKFA31- 1 DAY unli data/ 20 txtx/ 10 mins call
GOTSCOMBOKAA11- 11 pesos /1 day/20 txts/10mb
GOCTCOMBOAKA9- 10 mins call/20 txts /1 day/9 pesos
GOCALLIC41- 41pesos 3 days/ unli call
GOCALLIA15- 15 pesos /1day unli call
GOTEXTALLKB9- 2 days /9 pesos/20 all net text
GOTEXTKB9- 9 pesos 20 allnet txts/2 days
GOTEXTAB9- 50 txts/ 9 pesos/2 days
GOTSCOMBOFBD48- 48 pesos/250 txts /20 mb/ 1 week
GOTSCOMBOBFA39- 39 pesos/ 50 all net txts/ unli data 1day

ps: wala po akong pake kung may nauna na nakadiskubre hindi ako pumunta rito para makipag-away

update May 8, 2019
other promo codes

GOTSCOMBOECA15 - 15 pesos/50mb data/250 txts/1 day
GOTSCOMBODBC28- 28 pesos / 20 mb/100 all net txts/3 days
GOCOMBOAAAA13- 13 pesos/ 10 mb/ 50 texts/ 1 day
GOTSCOMBOABC18- 18 pesos/ 20 mb/ 50 txts/ 3 days
GOTSCOMBOHAC42- 42 pesos/ 10mb /1000 all net txts/3 days
GOCSCOMBOCBC28- 28 pesos/ 20 mb data/20 mins call/3 days
GOCOMBOACBC28- 28 pesos/20mb/100txts/10mins call/3 days
GOCALLID91- 91pesos/7days/unli-call globe tm
GOCALLIA15- 15 pesos/1 day/unli call
GOTSCOMBOHBC38- 38 pesos/1000txts/50 mb/3 days

uulitin ko po wala po akong pake kung may naunang nakadisbure hindi ako pumunta rito para makipag-away


Nawala kasi dati acc ko eh sige wards ako dito wait until 30days

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