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[Autoscript] Script Auto Install SSH for VPS Debian 9 64 bit with OVPN config.


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Jul 31, 2017
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SSH auto install script for the Debian 9 64 bit VPS.


This script basically has the same features as the SSH auto install script that I have shared before. The difference is that this script is optimized to be installed on VPS with the Debian 9 operating system or also known as Debian Stretch.


Here are the full features of this script.
  1. OpenSSH, port : 22, 444
  2. Dropbear, port : 80, 143
  3. SSL, port : 443
  4. Squid3, port : 8000, 8080 (limit to IP SSH)
  5. Badvpn : badvpn-udpgw port 7200
  6. Webmin : You must register or login to view this.
  7. Script menu: displays a list of available commands
  8. Usernew script: create an SSH account
  9. Script trial: create a trial account
  10. Delete script: delete SSH account
  11. Check script: check user login
  12. Script member: check the list of SSH members
  13. Script speedtest : speedtest VPS
  14. Script info: displays system information
  15. Script about: information about auto install scripts
  16. VPS auto reboot every 12 hours
  1. Make sure your VPS uses the Debian 9 64 bit operating system.
  2. Make sure the VPS condition is still fresh, no application has been installed.

How to install

Here is how to install the SSH auto install script for the Debian 9 64 bit VPS.

Make an SSH connection to VPS with the root user via your favorite terminal application,
such as Putty (Windows) or JuiceSSH (Android).

1. Run the following command to download the script

wget http://evira.us/deb9.sh

2. Run the following command to change the script to be executable

chmod +x deb9.sh

3. Run the following command to run the script


The installation process takes about 3-5 minutes.

den type Menu

credit to source --------

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