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Tutorial TrickTips - Androids Engineer Mode


Jan 3, 2019
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<to have a engineer mode>
Hi all welcome to a new series by me called TipTricks. It will basically be any tricks for a device i find hidden away in the internet that i will compile and gather togeather and make a post about it ! This first one is for the MTK chip series. I tested this on a MTK6577 but it should work on any 4.0+ MTK phone. I spent a while discovering and testing these codes, if they help you make sure to hit that button .

1. Go to you phone dialer and type any of these codes;

Engineer mode
Huge list of developer options for testing touch,gps,wifi,display,etc.
Samsung Logo
"Registers" you phone and make the boot logo the original Samsung.
Testing Menu
Various testing options
Language And Input
Language and Keyboard settings
Reset Sim
This was a SIM reset on the 77.
Google Talk Service Monitor
Complete monitor For Google Talk.
That's all i discover for now. If i find more i will sure to post it. NOTE* the Engineer mode is very good mode fore developers. Its shows lots of
information about the phone. Look out for more TrickTips!

Good Luck !

Happy world

working po haha

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