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Help H+ force to became 4G only bibilis ba internet ko???

Alpha Z

Jan 2, 2019
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4G naman po sim at phone ko pero dito sa farm namin mahina ang signa laging H+ if mag force 4G po ba ako does it make change my data connection? Bibilis po ba??


Eternal Poster
Kaya Hanngang H+ lang talaga dahil walang 4g na signal sa area mo

Kahit 4g capable sim at phone mo kung hannang h+ lang yung maximum strength signal sa area mo h+ lang talaga


Eternal Poster
Means po na kahit mag force 4G ako eh wala din kung mahina talaga location?
yes kasi same here kasi pag pumunta ako sa farm namin... 3g lang nasasagap ko pero kung sa syudad naman 4g nasasagap ko.........sa location talaga nababasa ko aabot yung 4g connection
Dial mo to
. Select LTE Only.
If nag 4G pero mabagal(or if nawaka completely ung signal), dahil sa location mo yun, balik mo nalang sa dati yung settings, para co-connect ung phone mo sa strongest signal available.

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