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Sun WENZ VPN Feb 27 2019 update w/unlinet JERZ29


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Sep 29, 2018
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●●●●■■■Special Thanks To..........
  • Master Wenz Mod apps
  • Master Hiratechi Dns Cloud flare
  • Master Chou tzuyu Remote proxy
  • Mater Raffatoutie Droplet
  • AND sa Team Epiphany
●●●●■■■Good For ...............
  • Browsing
  • Downloading
  • Uploading
  • strêâmïng
  • Gaming
  • Anything
●●●●■■■Bad for...............
  • Torrenting
  • Ddosing
  • Haking toolsing
  • Copywrighting
●●●●■■■Unlinet daw????????????
  • Bilhin mo direct sa tindahan si tu50 and up para unlinet sya ok
  • Wag kang mag pa load sabay ireregister mo di magiging unli yan
  • Takot ka sa blocking eh di
  • I limit mo ang pag gamit mo
  • 3 to 5 gig para iwas sa blocking kung takot ka.
●●●●■■■How to use?????????????
  • I download mo lang si wenz vpn
  • And i install mo
  • Pag katapos i import mo ang config ni wenz vpn thats all
●●●●■■■APK file here■■■●●●●
●●●●■■■Wenz Config is here■■■●●●●
  • Sun tu 50 up config here
    U.s server
    Link 1
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    ●●●●■■■for globe and tm gowatch 1st consume
    Link 1
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    ●●●●■■■THATS ALL■■■●●●●
    ♡♡♡Team shout out mga astig toh♡♡♡
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    • -ParkMinYoung- [Forum Veteran]
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    • gelo13ciasico [HonoraryPoster]
    • Reputation [Eternal Poster]
    • Killer Instinct EXCALIBUR [Honorary Poster]
    • PHC-Shark boy [PHC Contributor]
    • PHKiD [Honorary Poster]
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