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Sun Tricks on How to UNBLOCK your SIM


Jan 12, 2019
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Sa mga na block dyan ni SUN using your TU Promo here are the easy steps on how to unblock it.
1st STEP : Activate your TEXT ROAMING by dialing *222# & wait for the Activation Confirmation.

2nd STEP : DEACTIVATE your TEXT ROAMING after you receive the TEXT of Activation Confirmation. Same process just dial *222#. Also wait for the text of Deactivation Confirmation.

3rd STEP: ON & OFF AIRPLANE MODE Then open your DATA.

You just have to maintain at least 100 pesos BALANCE. NO WORRIES NAMAN KASI HINDI KAKAININ YUNG BALANCE NYO. So every time na ma BBlock kayo gawin nyo lang yang procedure na yan.

100% LEGIT yan mga alamat para ma confrim niyo din VISIT nyo na lang yôutubê Channel ni JayConzFreeNet para mapanood nyo ung actual Video.


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so anu bago dito ? for your info para matuto ka pa.. dagdag mo sa kaalaman mo na kapag na unblock muna yan easy block narin yan


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Pano magpasa load sa SUN to SUN?

EDIT: Text
GIVE amount or promo keyword number of recipient to 2292
10-50 pesos pwede ipasa per 1peso transaction


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Ung tipong nakita mo lang tong info sa ibang thread tas ginawan mo lang ng kunyareng bagong tuklas..
mas easy to

roam on
(asterisk)222(asterisk)1(asterisk)1# call

roam off
(asterisk)222(asterisk)2(asterisk)1# call

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