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VPN Sun ɢᴏᴅᴋɴᴏᴡs ssʜ ᴘᴀɴᴇʟ ᴍᴏʙɪʟᴇ-ғʀɪᴇɴᴅʟʏ ᴜɪ [March 22, 2019 Updated]


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Dec 26, 2015
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Update March 22, 2019:
Updated Credits to 25,000.
Removed US Server (Down na :( Sana may mag sponsor ulet)
Registration somewhat changed, you add at least 3 numbers before your username (001GKJhomz) in able to succeed on registration.
The remaining servers are still up and running ;)

Update March 09, 2019:
Updated Credits to 25,000.
Updated OVPN Config to the latest working payload (The one I'm using)
Removed nêtflïx Server beacuse its already down. (Hopefully may magdonate ulet ng nêtflïx server PM lang po.)

Check February 21, 2019:
Singapore 04 registration working as intended.
nêtflïx Server registration failed.
Guys, sa mga gusto gumawa ng nêtflïx server, use numbers as your username. I don't know anong problema sa server na to bakit numbers lang ang gumagana pag nag reregister pero working sya makakagawa ka pag ang user mo is numbers.

Update February 16, 2019:
Credits Resets to 25000.
Na-busy kaya di nakapag update ng credits mga bossing.
Also changed expiration days from 7 days to 10 days per account.

Update February 11,2019:
Added 2 Singapore Servers by LearnItYourself. Try nyo nalng san sya pwede ^_^
Droplet sponsors still open for pm. ^_^
Password Changed. Make sure to check the spoilers for the new password. ;)

Update January 31, 2019:
Added nêtflïx Server Donated by PHC-Sammyhernz Maraming salamat bossing. God Bless.

541136 541137 541138 541139

Please read the Rules!

Validity Per Account : 7 Days
Server Location : Singapore (5), US (2) [We have now a nêtflïx Server]
Available Server : 7 Fresh Available Servers
Daily Credits : 10,000 | Price per Server: 100 | Credits Reset : 12:00am onwards (Manual Reset Sorry) | Lowered to 10k to prevent abuse
Website : You must register or login to view this.

Spoiler contents only visible to Established Member.

May magandang loob na nagdonate ng droplets satin kaya within this week mag-uup na ulet panel natin.
For more droplet donations coming, just pm me. Thank you and god bless.

Ready-OVPN for Sun TU 50 promo.
Kayo nalang bahala sa ibang networks ^^,

Okay! Para sa mga established lang muna tayo para magtagal ang servers.
Please lang mga established members, pairalin natin ang disiplina natin sa pag-gamit.
Gamitin lamang sa tama wag sa bawal. Oo masarap ang bawal pero masama na pag sumobra.
May anti-torrent na ito pero sana kahit ganon wag parin kayo magtorrent at subukan pa ipa-down ang server. Kayo rin naman ang mawawalan pag nagdown agad dahil sa kagagawan nyo.
Kaya wag na gamitin sa bawal okay?

For Leechers, paki-hintay nalang ang version 2 ng panel namin.
Need lang namin ng more time kase on-thesis pa ang mga designers natin kaya bka matagalan pa ang version 2 ng panel.

Credits para sa mga bossing ko dito sa phc.
Special Thanks To:
Previous Droplets Contributors : Amazed Barry THE FLASH matthewxd Motoharu -LigionairE-
Current Droplets Contributors: LearnItYourself, P PHC-Zil PHC-Sammyhernz
For the Scipts/Panel : Motoharu 0123456
For the Design : csearfarf blinddeveyra
For the Anti-Torrent Script : Ibong_Ligaw Salamat dito boss.

Gamitin sa tama para magtagal ang servers ^_^

Para sa mga gusto magsponsor ng Droplets, Paki-PM nalang po ako para mai-add ko sa server.
Like and feedbacks lang mga bossing. Enjoy! :D

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