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Globe & TM ehi Jan. 11, 2019 go watch ehi

Discussion started by medesjv25, Jan 11, 2019.


Ano ang mas mabilis.. 1.0 o 2.0?

  1. 1.0

  2. 2.0

  3. same speed

  4. not working

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  1. medesjv25

    medesjv25 Addict Established

    go watch ehi
    2 ehi files
    Expiration date : Feb 8, 2019

    testing only...
    connect and wait 1m or 2m.
    plss feedback if working and if its fast on mobile legends, yôutubê, etc.
    with version kung ano gamit nyo.

    sure connected sakin pero di ko alam sa iba kaya need feedback.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Livra N

    Livra N Eternal Poster Established

    Nice. Keep sharing boss.
  3. LetsRak

    LetsRak Honorary Poster Established

    sir penge ng config mo palitan ko lang username at pw pag expire na hehe
  4. medesjv25

    medesjv25 Addict Established

    yan na

    Attached Files:

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  5. LetsRak

    LetsRak Honorary Poster Established

    san ka po gumagawa ng acct sir
  6. emjaaayyy04

    emjaaayyy04 Enthusiast Established

  7. marme27

    marme27 Journeyman Established

    Thanks for sharing ts
  8. aljonaldi

    aljonaldi Addict Established

    Salamat po sa share.
  9. kALLAHsag

    kALLAHsag Addict Established

    Thanks keepnon sharing:emoji_thumbsup:
  10. zherwin021

    zherwin021 Addict Established

  11. electromagnus06

    electromagnus06 Addict Established

    sobrang bilis po boss salamat po
  12. baek

    baek Honorary Poster Established

    Thank you po! Patry
  13. Jadrianpaul11

    Jadrianpaul11 Addict Established

    thanks keep on sharing
  14. thanks keep on sharing
  15. Steffani

    Steffani Addict Established

  16. arabsky10

    arabsky10 Addict Established

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