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.ehi Digicel unlimited works for every internet servers

Discussion started by Danzee, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Danzee

    Danzee Grasshopper Established

    Give me feed backs

    Attached Files:

  2. thanks paps
    Danzee likes this.
  3. Danzee

    Danzee Grasshopper Established

    Ur welcome
  4. Could I email you I have something to ask
  5. Danzee do you use telegram or whatsapp can inbox you?
  6. Hey Danzee, can you PM a hosted link.
  7. Hey contact me plz 18763590341
  8. why u guys call the file digicel unlimited? it doesnt work for digi lol, so i'm guessing its a name thing lol
  9. Bro it works up until midday atleast
  10. this works for you for digicel in which country? until which miday, ''day before yesterday lol
  11. 'hehe'
  12. It connects but no data received from digicel haiti.
  13. Yesterday mid-day and country is Jamaica
  14. jamaica
  15. dwl, maybe u guys are missing my point here, i know the file will connect on digicel network, but which net work is it UNLIMITED on? its using the 75mb capped payload and you people call it digicel unlimited, so i'm wondering if its just a name thing!!! i know for sure its not unlimited in jamaica so thats why i'm asking why is the file named DIGICEL UNLIMITED? it might be unlimited somewhere else, just not JA.

    FYI there are people here who can unlock files without an ehi opener lol
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  16. Danzee

    Danzee Grasshopper Established

    Yeah no problem
  17. Danzee

    Danzee Grasshopper Established

    Lol u chat too much none of my files chap and these are test run i said in post give feed backs ..get it?
  18. dwl ah bwoy, alright danzee i get the idea, so ur doing a test to get the all network thing working properly before, ok point taken,

    would offer some insight but gwaan do unnu thing still, and watch out fi the spy dem yah sah lol, :emoji_thumbsup:
  19. Field test bredda. Yo Danzee send me ur telegram link.
    Danzee likes this.
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