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Cfw openwrt release: (openvpn for 4mb routers)

Discussion started by tvoj45, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. tvoj45

    tvoj45 Addict Established

    REQUEST lang kayo ng firmware at igagawa ko kayo;

    for edward: tplink tl-wr-841n/nd v8

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    Want to check if your router is supported by latest Openwrt 18.06.1 firmware?

    go to this page at tingnan nyo kung may available firmware for your router

    Here is the 2 common architecture of routers


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    December 5 2018 UPDATE:

    default username: root
    default password: root


    1. strictly check internet connection before proceeding on openvpn installation. no internet connection, setup will automatically close.

    2. firmware now will detect your kernel firmware version to avoid error on activating tun0 module.

    3. remove luci-app-filebrowser (just use winscp to upload your custom ovpn file)

    4. script updated to automatically run everytime router reboot.

    5. user can set which server should connect at router startup/reboot

    6. automatic script for detecting hostname error, connection refused and sudden openvpn crash every 30 minutes. once detected, script will automatically start openvpn.

    7. auto switch to other server if connection refused detected.


    No supported openwrt router? what unit should i buy or best router for openwrt?

    para po ito dun sa nagtatanong kung ano nga dapat bilhin. it really depends po talaga sa budget nyo. kung wala akong problema budget i will buy the most powerful and fastest router na available sa market today. kaso problema tight din budget ko :-) pero bigyan ko po kayo some of few buyer's guide.

    1. walang akong problema sa pera kaya bibilhin ko yung highend, fastest cpu, high ram and flash memory router.

    2. average lang po budget ko.

    a. must have usb port. (usb disk can used to expand router flash storage). try to do research on extroot para malaman nyo. once na may extroot na router nyo you can use it as ftp server, samba server, web server, mini-dlna server, openvpn client & server, proxy server, squid server at maraming pang iba. you can install any package you like as long as kasya pa sa usb stick/drive na gagamitin nyo.

    b. ok na yan basta may usb port at supported ng openwrt

    3. tukod po talaga budget ko.

    a. buy any low end tplink firmwares (dapat at least 4MB flash at 32MB RAM). most tplink routers have unlocked bootloader so madali lang po mag-flash ng 3rd party firmware. flashing can be done directly on stock webgui firmware upgrade page.

    b. must be supported by openwrt

    yan na po lahat. sana po wala nang mag-tanong kung ano ba dapat bilihing router.


    Thanks po sa pag-antay. Pasensya kung natagalan. ito na po yung CFW para sa mga nag-request on this thread.

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    flash this on your tplink upgrade firmware page. (use factory bin kung naka-stock tplink firmware ka pa, kung indi at naka-openwrt ka na use sysupgrade firmware bin file


    Basic Procedure on Installing Openvpn:

    1. download your firmware. naka-zipped yan, i-extract nyo muna. flash firmware image on your firmware upgrade webgui. kapag nag-reboot na yung ssh to your router

    2. Use Putty. ssh to your router (default ip address is port 22)

    3. Once naka-pasok ka na sa ssh ng router mo type this command


    4. wait nyo lang matapos ginawa kong full script for openvpn setup.

    5. openvpn setup DONE!!!


    to start using vpn:

    type vpn
    (press enter)

    dun sa menu

    type 6
    (press enter)

    you need to input first your monthlyssh account

    kapag ok na account nyo

    go back to vpn menu ( type vpn )

    type 1 to connect on on server 1 (enter)
    type 2 to connect on on server 2
    type 3 to connect on on server 3

    Sample command format for connecting to custom ovpn file
    (assuming ovpn files is on /root directory)

    openvpn --daemon --cd /root/ --config singapore.ovpn


    vpn - show vpn menu
    accounts - input login credential
    status - check system log
    autoconnect -set server's autoconnect settings

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    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018 at 10:55 PM
  2. zZJulZz

    zZJulZz Eternal Poster Established

    Boss pwede ba yung router ko? Edimax BR-6225n.
  3. capetag

    capetag Addict Established

    ayos to pa bookmark muna
  4. Titanpen

    Titanpen Eternal Poster Established

    wow. salamat ng marami ts. lodi kita
  5. capetag

    capetag Addict Established

    pwedi ba to sa
    cisco linksys e1200??
  6. djdoolky76

    djdoolky76 PHC Master Established

  7. tvoj45

    tvoj45 Addict Established

    guys para po ma-iwasan yung mga ganitong tanong

    just type this on google

    openwrt pangalan ng router at version number ng router nyo example

    openwrt tl-wr741nd v4

    check nyo yung link ng openwrt. kapag supported unit at version number ng router nyo it means kaya ko kayong ibuild ng firmware. official image builder po ng openwrt gamit ko, ang kaibahan lang nag-iinject ako script into this firmware para ma-install sa mga low flash routers yung openvpn package. (ang ginagawa po ng script ko ay iinstall yung openvpn into RAM not on flash)

    downside ng pag-install sa RAM (every time mag-reboot yung router, mawawala yung openvpn package nyo and you need to run openvpn_setup again on your terminals (putty). Bakit indi ko iinstall sa Flash? low memory nga po, di kasya sa flash memory yung openvpn package.
    chano12345 likes this.
  8. capetag

    capetag Addict Established

    boss pa check ng download files.
  9. krisjhe05

    krisjhe05 Grasshopper Established

    installing nay open vpn,. post ako pag ok na
  10. tvoj45

    tvoj45 Addict Established

    what do you mean sir?
  11. Titanpen

    Titanpen Eternal Poster Established

    done na yung installation. diko lang ma locate yung pag upload ng ovpn file bro
  12. krisjhe05

    krisjhe05 Grasshopper Established

    boss nasundan ko lahat sa SCP lahat ok,. sa system then browser nq,. di ko makita ung browser sa gui
  13. tvoj45

    tvoj45 Addict Established


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      Dec 1, 2018
  14. krisjhe05

    krisjhe05 Grasshopper Established

    wlang ganyan sakin ts
  15. MrBean99

    MrBean99 Eternal Poster Established

    Boss TL-WR940N EU V6 sakin
  16. tvoj45

    tvoj45 Addict Established

    naka-cache pa yung browser at openwrt nyo... delete nyo yung cache ng openwrt .

    go to putty terminal type this command

    cd /tmp
    rm luci-indexcache

    then check nyo ulet web browser nyo
  17. tvoj45

    tvoj45 Addict Established

    nice! wait mo upload ko na ngayong firmware mo
  18. tvoj45

    tvoj45 Addict Established

    mr bean check my first post. updated, link added for your cfw
    MrBean99 likes this.
  19. krisjhe05

    krisjhe05 Grasshopper Established

    wala padin boss baka po mali ung code sa clear cache sa WinSCP
  20. krisjhe05

    krisjhe05 Grasshopper Established

    paps nakita munay browser ng sayo?
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