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Tutorial Jailbreak for ios 11.0 - 11.4b3 - [unc0ver] advanced jailbreak tool

Discussion started by Andie16, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Andie16

    Andie16 Journeyman Established

    Jailbreak for iOS 11.0 - 11.4b3 - [UNC0VER] Advanced jailbreak tool

    credits to r/jailbreak group


    The most outstanding changes over the other jailbreaks

    • Detailed error messages
    • Faster *****es
    • More stable *****es
    • No extra battery drain
    • No random freezes
    • No random slow downs
    • No data is logged or shared
    • No malware
    • Proper jailbreak state detection
    • Proper bootstrap extraction to fix issues such as Cydia not appearing after jailbreak
    • Native build of Cydia for iOS 11
    • Telesphoreo port for ARM64
    • Much faster Cydia
    • Much more stable Cydia
    • Much more modern looking and acting Cydia
    • Cydia skips uicache when not needed
    • Cydia supports iPhone X screen size
    • Cydia Substrate for tweak injection
    • Much faster ldrestart
    • Much more stable ldrestart
    • Changes to Cydia were made with permission from Saurik
    • Option to skip loading daemons
    • Option to dump APTicket
    • Option to refresh icon cache
    • Option to disable auto updates
    • Option to block app revokes
    • Option to restore RootFS
    • Button to restart device
    • Button to open Cydia in case it doesn't appear on the Home Screen
    • Label to show the days left till the application expires
    • Working debugserver
    • An awesome UI

    The technical side

    • Get kernel base
    • Find offsets
    • Get root
    • Escape sandbox
    • Get entitlements
    • Dump APTicket
    • Unlock nvram
    • Set boot-nonce
    • Lock nvram
    • Allow double mount
    • Remount RootFS
    • Prepare resources
    • Inject to trust cache
    • Log slide
    • Set HSP4
    • ***** amfid
    • Spawn jailbreakd
    • ***** launchd
    • Update version string
    • Extract bootstrap
    • Disable stashing
    • Disable app revokes
    • Allow SpringBoard to show non-default system apps
    • Disable Auto Updates
    • Load Daemons
    • Run uicache
    • Load Tweaks




    Login to view Links (Initial Release)

    Login to view Links Add the dynastic repo by default and fix the unsupported error on some devices running the iOS 11.4 Beta

    Login to view Links Add an option to restore the RootFS, don't reset the preferences when switching from other jailbreaks and fix several errors

    Login to view Links Add a label to display the uptime, remove the custom fonts as they are the same with the system fonts, enable logging again and include spawn in the PATH

    Login to view Links Attempt to fix the videosubscriptionsd crashes, fix the Unsupported error and fix the Update Checker:

    Login to view Links Enable logging, improve the version checks, improve the memory management and fix the MP exploit

    Login to view Links Fix the RootFS Restore on iOS 11.2 - 11.2.6 and improve the reliability of the MP Exploit's clean up

    Login to view Links Fix the snapshot errors, add a warning for the iOS 11.0-11.1.2 and 11.4 Beta 1 - 3 devices and clean up the code

    Login to view Links Fix the "Device will be restarted" loop, add even more detailed error messages and add an option to increase the memory limit to improve the stability and add compatibility layer to work correctly with some tweaks that were specifically made for the other jailbreaks

    Login to view Links Fix the RootFS Restore for all supported versions, fix the snapshot related issues, make the settings tab match with the rest of the UI, more minor fixes and get this out of beta (Known issues: Some Beta firmwares are still broken)

    Login to view Links DISABLE THE ROOTFS RESTORE ON IOS 11.0 - 11.1.2 AND ATTEMPT TO FIX SOME OTHERS (Known issues: Some Beta firmwares are still broken)

    Login to view Links Bulletproof the RootFS Restore for iOS 11.0 - 11.2.6 (Known issues: Some Beta firmwares are still broken)

    Use Login to view Links
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  2. Thanks part keep it up
  3. Can this thing format a entire iPhone operating system? Including password and account?
    Mackits likes this.
  4. No, you don't. The password will be removed when it's restored to the iTunes. But the account cannot be removed.
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  5. Thanks
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