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Sun Sun payload 2018 oct 12

Discussion started by chrisRm, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. chrisRm

    chrisRm Enthusiast Established

    "payload for sun"
    rotate all and no block na sya.
    1. admin.wechat.com
    2. fbcallback.wechat.com
    3. help.line.me
    4. feedback.wechat.com
    5. line.naver.jp
    6. m.line.me
    7. access.line.me
    8. cac-cdn.line-apps.com.line-zero.akadns.net
    9. api.line.me
    palike nlng ... thank you
    save ko dto . mag format kc ako ng cp eyy swerte mga Leacher dto haha bye.
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  2. chrisRm

    chrisRm Enthusiast Established

    all TU promo yan
  3. wow ..thanks for sharing paps
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  4. chrisRm

    chrisRm Enthusiast Established

  5. thanks a lot po sa share ts :)
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  6. salamat dito master... keep on sharing po
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  7. Makienig

    Makienig Enthusiast Established

    Thanks Po
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  8. Markes

    Markes Honorary Poster Established

    salamat po
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  9. jasfer22

    jasfer22 Eternal Poster Established

    thanks po.
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  10. PHsupreme

    PHsupreme Addict Established

    awsome thank you po sa share sir
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  11. Dark

    Dark Addict Established

    Salamat po
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  12. Show the proof....
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  13. Pano to gamitin?
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  14. akozee

    akozee Eternal Poster Established

    thanks try ko nga toh
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  15. elmerpinoy

    elmerpinoy Addict Established

    Salamat po
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  16. salamat sa share....
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  17. Mga mabababa lang ang rank ang may lakas ng loob na magshare ng mga payloads..
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  18. Cams26

    Cams26 Eternal Poster Established

    Thanks paps
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  19. Joyriel09

    Joyriel09 Addict Established

    Thank you ts..
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