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Help Bitminer legit ba?

Discussion started by Haveyouseenthisgirl, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Naabot kona po kasi yung minimum withdrawal kaso di ko po mawithdraw.

    Legit po ba?

    Thanks po if my sasagot. :)

    RJTHEONE23 Enthusiast Established

    verified na ba yung coins ph mo?
  3. From .005BTC to a 12BTC earnings on level 5

    Just .005btc
    2 referrals
    Blockchain wallet

    Let me start by saying this is a Bitcoin CrowdFunding & Donation Program - a system that leads to an INSTANT WEALTH creation.

    I could explain CrowdFunding as the coming together of like-minded people to form a team with the aim of raising funds.
    I can boldly tell you that this is very much different from any crowd funding or donation program you might have come across, seen or heard of, because this one is built on Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology, and that makes it unique and very powerful.

    So the whole process of this crowd funding and donations has been simplified - after a lot of research, a platform is created to make the operation and process of donation within the members of a team much easier.

    It is a website actually. They developed a software that deals with this operation, and this software is right there on their website – which is what we would be using, combined with an almighty strategy that would make everyone in this group a millionaire in FEW WEEKS. Yes, I said FEW WEEKS – if we remain united and cooperative, because UNITY is the most important thing we need to succeed on this.
    Please, it is very important to note that:
    (1) It is NOT a Ponzi Scheme!
    (2) It is NOT an online investment platform where you get some percentage of R.O.I or something – NO!
    (3) You are not paying the COMPANY, neither will you receive payments from THE COMPANY– so forget the fear of “what if I made a payment, and then it folds up and runs away with my money?”... No! We’re not paying them, so they don’t have any money to run away with.

    Hindi po ito sccam dahil kami mismo naranasan na namin at nakita yun flow ng project. lahat ng donations na nanggagaling sa bawat members ay directly na pupunta o marereceive sa personal wallet nyo (blockchain wallet). walang site na paglalagyan ng pera mo at walang tao na hahawak ng pera mo kundi direct na mapupunta sa next level na upline mo hanggang level 5
    pebbles fund only created a medium/platform to make the process of donation much easier and better.
    All the payments you make or receive are done within the team: we know each other, because the person you’re paying is a member of the team, and the person that paid you is also a member of this team. So the funds moves within the system from one member to another directly along the team’s chain of hierarchy (more explanation on this later on).
    So.. What is PebblesFund then?

    THE WEBSITE is simply a Bitcoin CrowdFunding & Donation platform, where the main goal is to embrace togetherness as a hugely important aspect of life in order to achieve our dreams, via this magnificent donation platform.
    A recent research in the U.S has shown that multimillion dollars have been made through crowd funding within a very short period of time, and that is our goal – to make some millions within a short period of time, because the potential to earn tremendously on this platform is glaring and very simple.

    since napakaganda po ng system na yan at yan ang nakita namin kaya kami very confident na ishare ito sa inyo at gaya po ng lagi kong sinasabi ang opportunity nato ay para sa mga taong katulad namin na may malaking pangarap. yun tipong sawa na sa mga scams na kaya naman natin pinapatulan ay dahil gusto nating kumita ng malaki tama? so eto na po ang opportunity na yun kung bubuksan nyo lang ang isip nyo sa halagang 0.005btc mababago ang buhay nyo 360degrees!


    Level 1 = donate 0.005 and receive 0.005 from your 2 directs total btc to receive = 0.01 then upgrade to level 2
    0.005 x 2 = 0.01 - 0.0075(for upgrade) = 0.0025 your earnings from level 1

    Level 2 = donate 0.0075 and receive 0.0075 from 4 people under you (incudes your directs' directs) then upgrade to level 3
    0.0075 x 4 = 0.03 - 0.02 (for L3 upgrade) = 0.01 your earnings from level 2

    Level 3 = donate 0.02 and receive 0.02 from 8 people under you then upgrade to level 4
    0.02 x 8 = 0.16 - 0.1 (for L4 upgrade) = 0.06 your earnings from level 3

    Level 4 = donate 0.1 and receive 0.1 from 16 people under you then upgrade to level 5
    0.1btc x 16 = 1.6btc - 0.4btc (for L5 upgrade) = 1.2 your earnings from level 4

    Level 5 = donate 0.4 your last donation to be made and receive 0.4 from 32 people under you then TOTAL OF BTC you will receive from level 5 = 12.8BTC
    0.4btc x 32 = 12.8btc

    And Finally out of your 12.8 btc you must RE ENTRY with 10 directs to help people from the baseline
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