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Unli ibon for s.m! (lucky error)

Discussion started by GUILTY, Sep 13, 2018.


    GUILTY Forum Guru Established

    Update! New way to farm!

    Public viewing!

    Legit net (gigasurf or gosurf etc.)
    Snippetmedia (updated)
    Vypr VPN (google play)


    1. Copy your main referral.
    2. Open and log-in your vypr vpn.
    3. Hit fastest server (or you can choose manual server)
    4. Now clear data the snippetmedia and sign-up on twitter.
    5. Input new user and pass.
    6. Error occur. (good sign)
    7. reCAPTCHA pop-up! (answer it correctly)
    8. Once done another error occur!
    9. Will direct you to home, sign-in again (this time authentic sign-in)
    10. Paste your main referral. Read 3 article(s) wait for the +30 kashings to appear (to be sure)
    11. Now you can create twitter unlimitedly. Repeat steps 1-10

    *keep in mind limit your account invites 1:20 ratio only = 30,000+ kashings.

    3-4minute time consume per account created depends on your device.

    *if you occur reCAPTCHA with phone verification. Change ip location of your vypr vpn..

    Another tip: set your photos,videos etc from HIGH to MEDIUM
    View: from web to Snippet
    cut time consume as well as saves data.

    Keep it safe, keep it low!

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018
  2. scrappycoco12345

    scrappycoco12345 Addict Established

  3. edmbg

    edmbg Forum Veteran Established

    Salamat sa pagbabahagi.
  4. Bulag kse -_- btw thanks ts

    GUILTY Forum Guru Established

    tuloy tuloy ligay this time with cautions.
    Keizkii, Asskim and BLACKPINK Rose like this.
  6. Bale mauuna iclone yung original acct. Ng snippet at twitter bago mag clone ng madami

    GUILTY Forum Guru Established

    multi>create main (optional) >dummy>dummy>dummy>dummy>so on.
    welai_11 and Dapsone like this.
  8. Gnun b tlga every 5 invites mkukuha mu ung 6000 kaching?
    GUILTY likes this.

    GUILTY Forum Guru Established

    whenever the account hit its level.
  10. momonga28

    momonga28 Addict Established

    hala may mga nababan n pala haha yoko na magfarm haha
  11. sir yung pending transaction ko ba diko na yun matatanggap may 400 + pa akong pending ditu eh huhu
  12. GUILTY

    GUILTY Forum Guru Established

    wait till friday.
  13. Bakit naging 2400 yung sa iba ts?
  14. welai_11

    welai_11 Enthusiast Established

    d ko makita tut..thanks pa din po.sana makuha pa din ung pending
  15. GUILTY

    GUILTY Forum Guru Established

    simple: I created 4 accounts late 11pm then nung nag 12 onwards nagread ulit ako article using that accounts +1200 ulit. hindi naihabol yung isa. kaya 4 +6000 lang naclaim.
    Tamokloy123 likes this.
  16. djdoolky76

    djdoolky76 PHC Master Established

    thanks for sharing t.s! napaka sipag mag saka :emoji_blush:
  17. Ahh ganun pala ts hehehe salamat sa info : )
    itsmedrwn likes this.
  18. PHC-Cute

    PHC-Cute Eternal Poster Established


    sana dating itong mga pending ko! :'(
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