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Discussion started by Serenitylove, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Intoduction:

    Create your own ssh|ovpn account for free. It also supports "TNT NO LOAD". Please note that this is for personal use only because each account is only valid for 10 days.

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    Create now :emoji_point_right:You must be logged in to view this content or serenitylove. tk (remove space)
    (10 Days na po siya ngayon)
    Extend ko po ang validity niya if nagustuhan niyo. :emoji_blush:

    Sa hindi makaconnect, CDC lang guys. May mali yata akong nagawa. Hahaha. It'll be fixed soon. ^_^

    I give all the credits to Bon-chan (Bonveio Abitona of Team KS) for this wonderful design. Ang cute cute ng doggie. :emoji_grin: Hahaha. Thank you so much bro!
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2018
  2. junpogi08

    junpogi08 Addict Established

  3. datahack

    datahack Addict Established

    Salamat po. keep on sharing
    Serenitylove likes this.
  4. nice!salamat po dito master..

    ang lakas nga lang mamblock ng tnt..hehe
    SE gamit ko at nasa 600mb+ lang block na
    bili na naman uli mamaya pero pang injector lang..dinako gagamit ng SE.haha
    jegger and Serenitylove like this.
  5. Galing naman madam:emoji_grin: thanks sa effort
    Serenitylove likes this.
  6. Change to globe APN lang bro. Dati bilis ko din mablock. :)
    Joseph Yuu likes this.
  7. Ang galing ni Bon-chan . Hahaha. Thanks bro. :)
    PHC-Delete likes this.
  8. pasubok po mam. cute doggy. hehe
    Serenitylove likes this.
  9. Ang cute cute ng panel sarap pisilin :emoji_blush:
    Serenitylove likes this.
  10. Hahaha. We have the same feeling, sis. Parang sarap niya kunin tapos tiristirisin. :emoji_grin:
    Hiratechi likes this.
  11. Unstable pa siya sa ngayon boss. But baka mafix ko na mamaya. :)
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  12. bakit 10 days expiry akin di ba 3 days lang to?
  13. Bye PHC

    Bye PHC Eternal Poster Established

    wow! galing mo naman ts. meron kana panel.
  14. Yung ovpn file nito mam working sa no load tnt???
  15. JoKer-XyruZ

    JoKer-XyruZ Addict Established

    idol ko talaga to ang galing
  16. Baliw tong si bonveio eh. Ang bilis niya. XD
    Yes, pero icoconfig mo po.
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  17. SenpaiDaiski

    SenpaiDaiski Addict Established

    Slamat po d2 ate serenity galing
  18. Afro

    Afro Eternal Poster Established

    salamat po
    DFTW likes this.
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