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Globe Tutorial Globe at home prepaid wifi (tipid tricks) [dead]

Discussion started by domdee71, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. domdee71

    domdee71 Eternal Poster Established

    Instead sa price and data allocation sa taas,
    I'll give a tipid trick on Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi.

    1. Register GS50 on Globe At Home app / share promo / send to 8080. For three days may 1GB data na kayo + 2GB gowatch and play + 300MB freebie.
    2. Before the expiry time (mga 10 mins or more), text gs extend to 8080, then register homesurf15 sa app / through share promo. So additional one day and 1GB + 1GB gowatch + 200MB games, but ma e expire yung freebies sa GS50, hindi included na maextend.
    3. Do only step 2 once a day, kasi yun ang limit ni gs extend.

    So total price range and data (including freebies) for 30 days is:

    • ₱
    590—618 / 35.4GB (correct me if my calculation is wrong) EDIT: Oops... mali nga yung math ko haha, di ko na include ang freebies sa homesurf15, mas malaki pa nga 62.7GB per 30 days, same price.

    Babala! Hassle trick to, need everyday magregister without hitting expiration, kasi if ever magexpire, mawawala lahat ng remaining data, then back to step 1 na kayo. So if ever you cannot keep up with this task, just register the default promos instead, di pa kayo maabala.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  2. PHC-xChristian

    PHC-xChristian Addict Established

    thanks sa info ts,
  3. Salamat sa info sir.
  4. Qwerty-Ph

    Qwerty-Ph Forum Guru Established

    Salamat sa info paps!
  5. Thegreenninja

    Thegreenninja Addict Established

    Nice information TS. Thank you
  6. Thanks sa info sir
  7. khai088

    khai088 Addict Established

    Hahahq thanks
  8. ok to sir tipid, thanks for sharing!
  9. thanks for sharing
  10. Haha thank you paps, may globe at home kami. bookmarked.
  11. rinkitozumo

    rinkitozumo Enthusiast Established

  12. ihps

    ihps Addict Established

    pwede po ba yan sa kahit ano basta prepaid? ex. sa cellphone? maraming salamat po sa info
  13. Tha ms sa info paps
  14. domdee71

    domdee71 Eternal Poster Established

    hindi po, exclusive lang yung homesurf15 sa globe at home prepaid numbers (0966xxx), pero kung meron nakayong ganyan, pede kunin yung sim at ilagay sa ibang modem or phone
  15. 1337h4x0r

    1337h4x0r Journeyman Established

    Thanks sa info sir
  16. treskia

    treskia Honorary Poster Established

    Salamat sa pagbahagi
  17. kryptonite1019

    kryptonite1019 Addict Established

  18. thanks ts sakto ito iregister ng gabi para di malimutan or di maaba sa oras ng trabaho sa araw + alarm para sure di mag expired hehe
  19. jongjong

    jongjong Eternal Poster Established

    working po b ito salamat po
  20. dsastah

    dsastah Addict Established

    salamat sa pag share bossing..
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