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Globe & TM .ehi VPN ⚡mga paps updated po tayo⚡singapore server valid for 1 month⚡ehi.config⚡bagong gawa lang po mga paps

Discussion started by PHC-Shark boy, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. ----------------------- FOR HTTP INJECTOR [DIRECT SSH] --------------------------------

    Ehi. Link: ~~~(Valid for 1 month)~~~

    |•~===SiNgApOrE SeRvEr===~•|

    ⚡⚡⚡NeW UpDaTeD⚡⚡⚡

    |•~===UsA SeRvEr===~•|

    ✨For Globe/Tm✨

    Gosurf promo✔
    Globe switch=No Capping°|°Selected Sim only✔
    SURFALERT trick=⚡Selected Sim only⚡
    Highactive promo✔
    Pa try nalang po sa ibang networks✔

    ⚠Note⚠: Ping and Speed are depends on you're area

    ---------------------Feedback if working po sa inyo mga PAP's:emoji_bow:-----------------------

    Fallow me PHC-Shark boy for more Configs updated:emoji_call_me:

    Yun lamang po mga PAP's at magandang hapon po sa Lahat:emoji_blush:


    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
  2. bloodie26

    bloodie26 Grasshopper Established

    Salamat paps
    PHC-Shark boy likes this.
  3. __SaD__

    __SaD__ PHC Contributor Established

    marameng salamat sir buti naupload mo na
    PHC-Shark boy likes this.
  4. __SaD__

    __SaD__ PHC Contributor Established

    sir bakit injecting lang po
    PHC-Shark boy likes this.
  5. Anong gamit mo pong promo ate???:emoji_blush:
  6. PAP's you're welcome po... Salamat din po... Sa pag visit sa thread ko...feedback if working po... Salamat:emoji_blush:
    bloodie26 likes this.
  7. Cge po PAP's enjoy lang po... Feedback if working po... Salamat:emoji_blush:
  8. Hintayin mo lang po ate...na mag connect.. Salamat po sa pag visit sa thread ko...feedback nalang po ULIT...salamat:emoji_blush:
  9. Sabo162006

    Sabo162006 Enthusiast Established

    Paano ba mag register ng HIGHACTIVE PROMO
    PHC-Shark boy likes this.
  10. bloodie26

    bloodie26 Grasshopper Established

    Paps working sya nag test ako 10mbps sa testmy.net kaso di pwede sa ROS paps busy server sayang. Pero mabilis mag connect at ang bilis talaga hahaha. Salamat dito paps. Ps GS lang redeem ko wala ko load hahah.
    PHC-Shark boy likes this.
  11. aleksgc

    aleksgc Honorary Poster Established

    Salamat sa share
    PHC-Shark boy likes this.
  12. ealgenr

    ealgenr Honorary Poster Established

    salamat po
    PHC-Shark boy likes this.
  13. Yun oh...Always welcome po paps...salamat din po Sa magandang feedback...

    Sayang naman d gana sa game's... Heheheh

    Salamat po sa info...pa feedback nalang po PAP's ULIT...kung no capping

    Legion_07 likes this.
  14. PAP's you're welcome po... Feedback if working po... Salamat:emoji_blush:
  15. PAP's always welcome po... Feedback if working po... Salamat:emoji_blush:
  16. PAP's you're welcome po... Feedback if working po... Salamat:emoji_blush:
  17. Tested kona tung mga config mo lahat positive salamat
    PHC-Shark boy likes this.
  18. Ay sorry po PAP's.. D din po ako marunong mag register Kay HIGHACTIVE... D ko po alam...heheheh...naka FB1D po ako:emoji_blush:
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