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A hellish season in the west is set to unfold (full story)


May 21, 2018
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The Western Conference era of domination is not yet over or maybe it's just came from it's most pivotal part. The wild wild west which composed 80% of the league's top notch players have just become insanely wild. The team that took most of the recent glory is the Golden State Warriors, the team that won 3 championship in 4 years. After the addition of Kevin Durant the last 2 season they have added a perrenial injury baffled center Demarcus Cousins. The odds arises on them winning the 2019 championship and bound to win the 1st three peat since the kobe-shaq era in 2000-2002. The Lakers however added last year's MVP Candidate and still known today as the Best Player in the NBA, the king who hail from akron - Lebron James. The Lakers have made the biggest move in the free agency since the acquisition of Dwight and Nash in 2012. At 33, Lebron James signed a 4 year contract with the Lakers, making him elegible in free agency in the year 2022 in which his son Lebron Jr. a prospect ready for the NBA Draft. James signing enticed other All-stars and former All-stars to sign with the Lakers. The storied franchise is trying to build a defensive team to counter the Warrior's much better offense. It is the right path to take, don't counter offense with offense as the other NBA team did, like the Houston Rockets are doing. The Lakers have signed and re-signed four defensive specialists, they are hoping to add two time Defensive Player of the Year Kawhi Leonard to the roster via trade. After the Lebron signing the Lakers spark their odds on becoming the 2nd to win the Championship. Another great western team is the Houston Rockets chauffeured by NBA's recent MVP James Harden. The Houston Rockets reached the Western Conference finals last year hoping to reach the Finals for the first time in 23 years but that was all spoiled after falling to the Warriors in 7 games. That was an unprecedented catastrophe as elite point guard, Chris Paul suffered an untimely injury. The rockets are trying to maintain their roosters as of now and prepare for the much tougher competition in the conference. As of now they are 3rd on the odds of winning the 2019 championship. Another team who is vying in the West is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Despites a disappointing playoff last year, Paul George an LA bound star surprisingly decided to stay on the team. He said in the interview that he has an unfinished business with the team as they were given chance to battle once again as the revamped thunder squad. Four of the 6 teams in the odds are all West. If the All-Star format was the same East is going to be dethroned. There has been an imbalanced of power on both conferences in the last decade. The East however trying to follow the same blueprint made by the Warriors, the process and C's are the ones closest to become one. While other team will wait for another big 2019 free agent class which futures the league's biggest all stars. The NBA as of now is coming to a new age, it doesn't matter how the teams legacy is or what reputation they have to the fans, what matters most is how to dethrone the newly form dynasty - Golden State Warriors.

Written by: eCliffz.

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